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Actor Lee Sun-kyun discovered dead in a car near Bukhansan Mountain + “suicide note” found

Article: Actor Lee Sun-kyun found dead… Suffered from being summoned three times and having phone calls made public (comprehensive)

Source: No Cut News

Actor Lee Sun-kyun (48) was found dead.

Seoul Seongbuk Police Station announced that Lee Sun-kyun was found dead in a car near Bukhansan Mountain in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul around 10:30 a.m. on the 27th.

The police arrived at around 10:12 a.m. on the 27th after receiving a report from his manager that “Lee Sun-kyun wrote a note believed to be a ‘suicide note’ and left the house. I haven’t been able to get in contact with him after yesterday.” 

No suspicions of murder were discovered. Traces the actor made an extreme choice (committed suicide) through lit charcoal briquettes were found in the car. The car is a corporate vehicle from Lee Sun-kyun’s agency. 

Lee Sun-kyun was under investigation by Incheon Police since October on suspicious of drug use. News of his drug investigations was first made public on October 20th and internal investigations into the crime began. Afterwards, Lee Sun-kyun was converted into a suspect and summoned 3 times over a period of 3 months. Since he was an actor who caught the public’s attention with his works including award winning film ‘Parasite’, the public’s attention was focused every time he was publicly summoned.

In his first summons, Lee Sun-kyun stated, “I’m sorry for being involved in such an unpleasant incident and causing great disappointment to a lot of people. I bow my head in apology to everyone who has trusted and supported me so far.”

He was recently summoned on the 24th for further investigations and quietly attended stating, “I will answer the investigations faithfully.” He was interrogated overnight for 19 hours. 

Over the course of 3 months, Lee Sun-kyun underwent 4 drug tests by submitting head and leg hairs including a simple reagent test, and all came back negative. Lee Sun-kyun consistently claimed that “he didn’t know what A, a 29 yr old room salon manager, had given him was drugs. He thought he was taking sleeping pills.” The actor demanded a lie detector test to confirm credibility of A’s statement.

However, it appears that Lee Sun-kyun was under great pressure after a recorded phone call between him and A was leaked to the public. 

Big Bang G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong, 35) was also accused of drugs alongside the actor however police forwarded his case with “no charges.” A , who’s accused of supplying drugs to Lee Sun-kyun and B, a doctor accused of supplying drugs to celebrities have been arrested and are being investigated.

Lee Sun-kyun’s agency Hodu&U Entertainment stated in an official statement, “We are sorry to deliver the unfortunate news. Actor Lee Sun-kyun passed away on December 27th. There is no way to contain our sorrow and devastation. The funeral will be held quietly with the bereaved family and colleagues. We express our deepest condolences to the deceased on his final journey.”

  1. [+3,467, -71] They tested him for drugs several times and it always came back negative but because they wanted to sway public opinion over their incompetence they ended up killing a person. If you want to fight the war on drugs, don’t stop with idols and celebrities, catch the thugs distributing and selling them. Is this the war on drugs they’ve been claiming??!
  2. [+2,171, -19] Prosecutor Lee Jung-seop’s brother in law was cleared of charges even though there was physical evidence. They had no physical evidence for Lee Sung-kyun but they used him to ride the waves and eventually killed him. Police mobilized to investigate in Itaewon unreasonably killed people too??!
  3. [+1,130, -20] In the end, the prosecution made people lose their precious lives just to cover up Kim Geon-hee’s scandal~!! Ah, as expected of our dog prosecutors!!!
  4. [+914, -12] No physical evidence yet they summoned him into coercive investigations overnight for 16+ hours??? Is this a country?!
  5. [+757, -46] He died because of the prosecution’s unreasonable investigations!!
  6. [+406, -4] They announced all kinds of investigations to cover up the Yangpyeong land issue! All of a sudden articles were getting put out causing all kinds of noise and in the end, even after 19 hours of investigations and 3 hair tests they still had no results. They should’ve ended things at that point! Yes, it’s not right for a married man to be visiting room salons but if that happened to you, what would you do? If they couldn’t detect drugs in his system then he wasn’t the criminal??! They had physical evidence of the prosecutor’s brother in law’s crimes but he still cut the tail. It was a definite death sentence the minute they took things to the media. Lee Jung-gwon is a fool and should f*ck off!
  7. [+253, -6] Lee Sung-kyun even tested negative for drugs so they had no physical evidence. Really thankful G-Dragon was able to speak out. They basically harassed him to his death!
  8. [+153, -1] Looks like he became the sacrificial lamb to cover up Kim Geon-hee’s crimes… really pitiful
  9. [+118, -1] They’re claiming ‘war on drugs’ but can’t touch drug gangs and are killing people without evidence…aigoo, what a pity. 
  10. [+109, -0] The media, YouTubers, and police who shamed him with one-sided reports pushed him to his death. He could’ve been cleared of charges but they started digging up his life, pulled out his hairs, summoned him again, pulled out more hairs, re-summoned again and leaked his phone calls to the public.. all of sudden it was a new drug? Crazy things were coming outㅉㅉ.. Why didn’t they investigate his claims that he was being blackmailed? With just one word from a room salon madam, they opened investigations into GD and Lee Sung-kyun and didn’t let go. Is there anyone that can withstand all that?? .tsk tsk.
  11. [+64, -3] Indirect murderer Han Dong-hoon..
  12. [+27, -0] Explain why you needed to investigate him overnight for 19 hours when his detailed hair analysis from National Institute of Forensic Science came back negative??!

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