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Actor Lee Sun-kyun’s “suicide note” to his wife leaked to media

Article: Lee Sun-kyun, in his will, “I can’t help it…this is the only way..”

Source: E Daily

The late Lee Sun-kyun‘s “suicide note” has been leaked to media. 

In a note to his wife, the actor wrote, “I can’t help it. This is the only way.”

He also said “I’m sorry” to the representative of his agency, citing the burden of CF and film penalties. It’s estimated that Lee Sun-kyun’s film appearance contracts and CF penalties after they were cancelled amounted to around 10 billion won.

Lee Sun-kyun also said he was sorry to his family during his first police appearance last October stating, “I feel sorry to my family who are enduring such a difficult pain at this moment.” 

During his 3rd police summons he complained of the injustice stating, “I thought it was a sleeping pill. The only evidence claiming I took drugs is a statement from a room salon manager.”

The day before he died, he submitted a written request to police to conduct a lie detector test.

  1. [+662, -15] She’s an evil woman. She not only extorted him for their affair but also nailed him down with drugs in such a vicious way turning him into a criminal from the beginning. 
  2. [+378, -10] Vicious criminals who deserve to die are the ones who end up living happily denying things to the end.. no one sacrifices their life over a lie. People who feel they’ve been wronged most times think this is the only way and kill themselves off. It’s heartbreaking. It’s not that he really wanted to die but that he thought the best way to apologize and take responsibility was to commit suicide. Media with their excessive reports over people’s private lives and malicious commenters are also to blame for destroying someone’s character. This is seriously a huge scandal. I will remember today’s shock and pain for a long time.
  3. [+262, -9] ㅜㅜ It’s sad. Even though he wasn’t an actor I personally liked, I strangely feel sad over his death after reading the article ㅜㅜI’m heartbroken. May he rest in peaceㅜㅜ Lee Sun-kyun ㅜㅜ ah .ㅜㅜsad..
  4. [+257, -5] I really sympathize with his words “this is the only way..” When I read reports about him in the media I worried he would end up leaving like this. To his wife and kids..fighting! I know it hurts a lot but we all need to work towards preventing this in the future. May he rest in peace.
  5. [+197, -9] So it wasn’t drugs but painkillers or diet pills? He’s saying that he thought she was giving him sleeping pills. ㅜㅜAigoo, it must’ve been hard for him.
  6. [+61, -6] The madam that fed him drugs, police who conducted unreasonable investigations and leaked his details to the media and scumbags who reported it along with malicious commenters who witch hunted and belittled him are to blame!! You are the ones that killed Lee Sun-kyun!! If only he had been a bit stronger instead of just letting go of everything.. RIP.
  7. [+32, -1] The bereaved asked for the contents of the suicide note to be kept confidential? Why was this leaked??!
  8. [+29, -0] That Kim b*tch has a drug record too. Make sure she doesn’t come out of prison again!! She’s an evil to society who ruins lives of others.
  9. [+24, -0] Eh.. how did his will get leaked?!
  10. [+10, -1] For his family’s sake he should’ve held on a bit longer ㅠㅠ

Additional source: TV Chosun

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