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aespa Giselle’s ‘Ending Fairy’ Raises Brows for Doing THIS Suggestive Expression

In online communities, aespa Giselle drew mixed reactions after making THIS facial expression for her “ending fairy” scene.

On June 1, aespa took the first place trophy on MBC’s music program, “Show! Music Core.” During the episode, the quartet flaunted the impressive performance of their hit track “Supernova,” released on May 13, especially impressing music enthusiasts.

While everything went smoothly, on June 2, there was a certain part that didn’t sit well with viewers, and this was due to a clip of the four members where they were doing their respective “ending fairy” poses.

(Photo : Giselle (News1))

On that day, it seemed like the members decided to cutely do the peace/V-sign, stick their tongues out and do a wink.

Seeing this, Karina, Winter and NingNing’s poses were well-received, excluding Giselle who did it in a sassy manner, rolling her eyes instead of winking.

MYs who’ve been fans of aespa absolutely laughed about watching Giselle, and didn’t think much about it until K-netizens conveyed that they were offended by the female idol’s expression and accused her of making a “sexual innuendo.”

K-Netz said that it was “inappropriate” and that she “crossed the line” too much for doing such a facial expression.

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  • “I looked at the clip and it wasn’t a random screen capture. She really casually did an ‘ahegao’ face” (Japanese adult film face)
  • “Honestly, I just saw a girl doing such a face in a talent show, and I can’t help but think of it in a negative way. I saw it on a gossip site before and that really surprised me.”

On the flip side, MYs immediately shut down such claims and insisted that Giselle was obviously just trying to do a silly expression.

The fandom went on to criticize K-netz for thinking that the star would actually do a sexual expression in a broadcast and called out netters for having “dirty” minds.

aespa Giselle's 'Ending Fairy' Raises Brows for Doing THIS 'Sexual' Expression
(Photo : Giselle (News1))

Here are some of the comments:

  • “If you think about sexual innuendoes after watching this, it means that your mind has nothing else but gross thoughts in it.”
  • “Some of you are really out of their minds? Do you really think an idol would make a sexual expression on air just like that? They care about their public image.”
  • “It’s obvious that she’s just doing a playful expression.”
  • “You guys are weirdos. Just leave Giselle alone.”
  • “What’s wrong with rolling eyes nowadays?”
  • “Male idols are grabbing their crotches and female idols can’t even roll their eyes?”

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(Photo : aespa (News1))

Meanwhile, aespa, the group to which Giselle belongs just released its first full-length album, “Armageddon” on May 27th, its first studio album in four years since its debut in 2020.

It comprised the hit double title track, “Supernova,” which is currently topping the real-time and daily charts of major domestic music sites, also showing off the power by ranking first on music broadcasts with only the pre-released song.

In addition to this, the number of pre-orders for “Armageddon” already exceeded 1.02 million, heralding its fourth consecutive million-seller following their previous works, “Girls,” “My World,” and “Drama.”

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Written by Eunice Dela Cruz

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