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Ahead of the Fun: ENHYPEN’s Manila PressCon Recap

A Sweet Experience BENCH Fun Meet with ENHYPEN Press Conference | May 27, 2024 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel BGC

In a whirlwind of color and style, ENHYPEN strutted into Manila’s vibrant scene, decked out in their BENCH finest. It was a fashion fiesta at the exclusive ENHYPEN press conference last May 27, 2024, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in BGC, a prelude to their much-anticipated fan gathering; A Sweet Experience BENCH Fun Meet with ENHYPEN at the SM Mall of Asia Arena happening the next day.

As the cameras flashed and microphones poised, the group, made up of Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki showered Bench with gratitude and excitement in partnering with the Filipino fashion powerhouse as the new #GlobalBENCHsetters!

ENHYPEN Leader Yang Jungwon

The group’s leader Jungwon’s charming smile and relaxed demeanor worked like magic at the event, melting away the initial nerves and turning the atmosphere from formal to fun in a heartbeat. As they settled into their seats, the boys geared up to unleash their signature style and infectious laughter, ready to rock the event with flair.


Fashion became the hot topic of discussion as ENHYPEN indulged in a playful round of style compliments. Jay declared that Sunghoon was the trendsetter of the group. With a mischievous grin, he sparked a whirlwind of fashion banter. Sunghoon, ever modest, responded with a gracious “thank you,” before turning the spotlight on his fellow members, remarking that all members are fashionable, and earning nods of agreement all around.

ENHYPEN Park Sunghoon

In a delightful display of cultural immersion, Sunoo wowed the crowd with his Filipino phrases, earning giggles and and proud applause. “Kamusta?” (How are you?) he exclaimed, followed by a cheeky “Mahal kita,” (I love you), “Salamat po,” (Thank you!), and “Sunoo pogi” (Sunoo is handsome). The room brimmed with warmth as the boys shared personal anecdotes and memories of their time spent in the Philippines.


Jake’s enthusiastic energy radiated through the room as he spoke of their global impact, emphasizing the universal appeal of their music. “[…]we see a lot of people, a lot of our fans singing along to our songs and everytime we hear that we feel we’re very blessed.”


From Sunghoon’s adventurous spirit to Heeseung’s nostalgic recollections of  eating dried mangoes, the conversation took a playful turn as ENHYPEN shared fond memories of their Philippine escapades. “I feel like whenever we come here, the energy is just incredible,” Jake reminisced, reflecting on their unforgettable experiences in the country.

ENHYPEN Heeseung

In a touching display of humility, Heeseung expressed their gratitude for being recognized as K-pop icons, promising to repay their fans’ unwavering support with continued growth and dedication. Emphasizing that without their fans, there would be no ENHYPEN.


Teasing their upcoming album, Jake tantalized the press with hints of exciting surprises in store, setting the stage for heightened anticipation, “Our upcoming album really portrays our journey as a group,” he revealed.

ENHYPEN’s promise of personal interactions and surprises sent waves of excitement through the audience. “We have so many good memories here in the Philippines,” Jake exclaimed, reflecting on their special bond with their Filipino fans. “That’s why we always come back here,” he added.

Check out the full press conference here. 

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