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BIGBANG G-Dragon Appointed As KAIST Professor + K-Netz React

In a groundbreaking announcement, BIGBANG leader G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Jiyong, has been appointed a special professor at the prestigious Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

According to OSEN, the official letter of appointment will be presented to G-Dragon after the “Innovate Korea 2024” talk show, set to take place at the KAIST headquarters in Daejeon.

“Innovate Korea 2024,” an event organized by KAIST, the National Science and Technology Research Council, and the Herald Media Group, is poised to be a significant forum for discussing technological advancements and their implications.

G-Dragon will co-host the event alongside KAIST’s President Lee Kwang Hyung and Galaxy Corporation’s Choi Yong Ho.

This collaboration is expected to bring a unique fusion of entertainment and cutting-edge technology to the forefront.

G-Dragon’s talk will delve into the future of K-Pop, particularly focusing on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and K-content.

As an artist known for his innovative approach to music and fashion, G-Dragon’s insights are highly anticipated.

His discussion might also offer tantalizing hints about his upcoming comeback, slated for later this year. Having signed with Galaxy Corporation last year, G-Dragon has shown a consistent interest in AI and its applications in the entertainment industry.

His presence at the CES 2024 IT exhibition in Las Vegas earlier this year underscored his commitment to exploring the synergy between technology and creativity.

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Additionally, a recent Instagram story featuring a jacket with the KAIST logo has further fueled public excitement and curiosity.

G-Dragon (Photo : Instagram)

The news of G-Dragon’s academic appointment has sent shockwaves through social media, with fans and netizens expressing their astonishment and excitement.

  • “Wow, no one really knows where someone will end up. GD as a professor?”
  • “Professor Kwon… this is really happening.”
  • “If I was in middle school, I would study so hard to go to KAIST.”
  • “I should have studied harder… but man, his career is legendary… a professor in his thirties.”
  • “OMG Omg G-Dragon becomes a special professor “

G-Dragon’s appointment as a special professor at KAIST marks a significant milestone in his multifaceted career.

Known for his influence in the music industry, this new role highlights his potential to impact the academic and technological spheres as well.

Fans are eager to see what innovative projects and collaborations will emerge from this unique intersection of music and technology.

Moreover, the anticipation for his new album, which will be his first solo release in about seven years, adds another layer of excitement.

G-Dragon’s ability to reinvent himself and push boundaries continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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Written by Cassidy Jones.

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