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Complaints filed with Ministry of Culture to investigate BTS for “sajaegi” and cancel all “medals”

Article: “BTS ‘sajaegi’ suspicions have to be investigated fairly to be seen as an advanced country”

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

Complaints have been filed with Ministry of Culture to investigate BTS for “sajaegi.”

On the 6th, former Vice Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Park Sun-kyu appeared on Channel A‘s current affairs program and revealed, “I understand that complaints have been filed with the Ministry of Culture asking for investigations into alleged ‘sajaegi’ by BTS. This is a result of testimony from Big Hit blackmail case where ‘sajaegi’ was discovered. It seems like BTS fans are angry that a complaint has been filed. I see their anger as affection for BTS.”

“The results of the investigation shouldn’t be ‘expected.’ The government should also do its job and if it shows a clean investigation into suspicions raised, BTS fans will think that Korea is an advanced country that investigates such a national-promoting group fairly and makes fair judgements.”

It was reported earlier that Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism received complaints to “investigate allegations of ‘sajaegi’ by BTS and cancel commendations awarded to BTS by the Ministry of Culture.” When this became known, BTS fandom ‘ARMY‘ trended hashtags “Apologize to BTS” on SNS. Fans argued that “Korea does not deserve BTS” and that “Korea is an ungrateful country that only uses BTS” and “Korean government should apologize to BTS.”

In addition, ARMYs are expressing dissatisfaction with the agency by continuing to protest in front of HYBE‘s office building. They condemned Big Hit with phrases such as ‘Wishing for BTS to de-HYBE,” “Don’t use BTS for your media play!” and “You’re just using BTS as a bullet in your war with public!”

Meanwhile, Big Hit has denied the allegations and announced legal action. On the 2nd, the agency hinted at additional complaints in the future stating, “The allegations defaming BTS are not true. We have filed the first complaint with the investigating agency regarding spread of false information and defamatory posts that undermine BTS’ reputation.”

  1. [+855, -358] Did BTS serve the country? Did they donate all the money they earned to the country??! They’re talking like they sacrificed everything they earned.. disgusting!
  2. [+426, -140] Right.. appreciate the guys so much meanwhile they’re doing such outrageous things in the army..
  3. [+243, -34] Overseas fans are actually protecting BTS.. Bang Si-hyuk needs to come to his senses and resolve the situation quickly!
  4. [+156, -39] And what did they tell the judge when they got accused of ‘sajaegi’.. 
  5. [+68, -16] Excuse me what?… isn’t BTS a citizen of this country and subject to our laws…? ‘South Korea apologize to BTS’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah.. what a comedy
  6. [+52, -6] ARMY-ya.. you’re criticizing our country calling us XX?? Are you trying to say we’re a country that doesn’t investigate things fairly when asked?? So is your country some fairy land?? BTS isn’t the only world-renowned singer in Korea, this is the first time I’ve seen a news report of fans criticizing their faves’ country??  No.. no matter how pissed or angry you are. .is it normal to criticize the country when we’re asking for investigations into their sajaegi?!
  7. [+41, -5] No.. why is our country being brought into this?? This was done by their agency.. why bring the rest of us into it??!
  8. [+38, -19] HYBE’s attack campaign on Min Hee-jin is still in effect.. you’re just shooting bullets with empty shells ~
  9. [+18, -4] HYBE just got exposed as a believer of the ‘Dahn World’ cult.. 
  10. [+15, -2] Investigate all the Chinese capital they’ve been bringing into the country!
  11. [+19, -7] Bang Si-hyuk touched Min Hee-jin and ended up killing himself.. he tried to kill off New Jeans with threats and is knee deep in Le Sserafim ILLIT scandal now.. suspicions of involvement with ‘Dahn World’ cult.. now ‘sajaegi’ scandal.. wow
  12. [+15, -4] Min Hee-jin’s biggest poop 

Additional source(s): Joongang Ilbo

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