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[Concert Review] BM Turns Up the Heat in Atlanta, Proving That the After Party is the Best Party


                                                                           All Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong-Hoover

On a Thursday afternoon, Atlanta’s Hidden KARD began filling
the floors of The Eastern, anxiously waiting for BM’s performance on the “After
the After Party Tour” for the 21 and over crowd only. As fans found their
places, the venue came alive with the twinkle of light sticks, anticipation
building as fans eagerly awaited the show.

As an idol known by many names such as BM, BM of KARD, Big
Mathew, and Mathew, he is also known for his captivating performance on stage.
Fans were excited to see what he had in store since there were no prior social
media “hints” because of the phoneless policy and 21 and over age limit. Little
did BM know that his first solo performance in Atlanta would be greeted by a
nearly packed venue.

The tour kicked off with opening acts that set an epic tone
from the start. The crowd began to roar as blue lights illuminated the stage
and CLUB BOYBND hit the stage. The Korean-Canadian duo performed hits like “kiss
me thru the phone” and “hmu,” which gave Atlanta a taste of K-R&B. Between
JUSTIN TRASH’s smooth flow and Roc Lee’s buttery voice, they created a chill
vibe that the crowd went wild for.

After vibing with CLUB BOYBND, SUNKIS took the stage as a
special guest. The Taiwanese-American singer and songwriter knew how to hype
the crowd while swooning them with his soulful vocals and good looks. He
charmed the crowd with his dance skills during songs like “Like I Do” and
invited a fan out of the crowd on stage to serenade them. SUNKIS closed the
show with “LAST GOODBYE,” leaving the audience with a lingering smile
that parting ways almost felt bittersweet.

With two captivating opening acts, anticipation among fans soared for BM. Staff on stage motioned for the crowd to cheer louder and louder as sections began to scream his name. BM entered the stage, and the long-awaited performance kicked off with one of his newest songs, “Lowkey.” Once “Nectar” dropped, the sunglasses flew off, and fans knew that the party was just getting started. After a few songs, BM took a moment to connect with fans and confirmed that the performance was going to be a spicy one and fans were free to be as “unhinged” “rachet,” and “reckless” as they wanted. Music to everyone’s ears as they roared and screamed the signature Atlanta chant as BM joined in.

The show heated up as he performed “ATAP,” “Bad Intentions,”
and “Motion,” which took parts of the crowd from bopping to full-on dancing. The
leather jacket he had started with came off, and it was time to ignite the
stage with a unforgettable fan interaction. A lucky fan had the opportunity to receive
a performance that BM describes as “a moment that wants to go viral but can’t.”
 The Magic Mike-style lap dance had fans squealing,
blushing, and enjoying every minute. More fans had the opportunity to share the stage with BM through a twerk battle. Three beautiful ladies joined him on stage as they took it back to early 2000s hits from artists like Ying Yang Twins and Juvenile while they battled.

 As the night went on, BM continued asking everyone if they were tired, and each time, the crowd yelled no. He slowed it down a bit with “Broken Me” while the crowd joined in synchronizing with him and sped it back up with “Badgirl Badboy.” He transformed the venue into a nightclub, which made you forget that you weren’t recording every second but instead screaming, dancing, and laughing with the people next to you. His talent and freedom to showcase his spicy, sensual personality caught your attention with every song. However, the show wasn’t over yet as BM had one last thing that the crowd was waiting all night for. As he started to pull on the edge of his shirt, fans began to howl and scream as he took it off. 

In the show’s last moments, BM paused, gazing out at the crowd, and complimented everyone on how beautiful they looked. He expressed that this is his fourth time in the city, and he was touched to see a packed venue for his time performing solo in Atlanta. Once he said goodbyes and walked off the stage, fans stayed in place and started yelling, “Encore!” Being the performer that he is, he came back on stage for an encore to satisfy the crowd. BM said a final goodbye and assured fans that this wasn’t the last time they’d see him perform in Atlanta and to come and join him at the after-party.

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