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[Concert Review] CIX in Atlanta

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong

Five-member boy group, CIX, brings new songs to Atlanta’s VARIETY PLAYHOUSE on their third concert tour, ‘0 or 1.’

FIX, the group’s fandom name, jumped to their feet every moment the group emerged on stage. The opening song, Move My Body, initiated the energy for the night while the second song, Change Me, allowed the members to roam the stage and interact with their fans. 

What You Wanted from their HELLO Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger album, highlighted their abilities to execute in-sync choreography. This was an ideal way to lead up to the solo stage portion of the show, where each member highlights their exceptional vocal or rap talents. 

HYUNSUK took the stage with just a stool and a microphone. His angelic vocals rang out as FIX swayed and everyone in the venue could tell these highlight stages were a moment to cherish.

  • BX – Left to Right, by Marteen

The group’s leader and main rapper, BX, brought out his melodic vocals and rap skills in this energetic cover to counter Hyunsuk’s heartfelt ballad cover. Not only did he bring an endearing vibe change to the stage, but he exuded a casual commanding presence. 

  • Yonghee – Angel Baby, by Troye Sivan

A classic to cover at this point in music. YONGHEE, vocalist, brings Sivan’s meaningful lyrics to FIX’s hearts. 

  • Jinyoung ft. BX – Seven, by Jungkook ft. Latto

For such a dance-heavy song, BAE JINYOUNG, face of the group and main dancer, kept the movements relaxed to focus on the vocals and fun time with FIX. BX even joined him on stage to feature LATTO‘s rap. But when it came time to close out his stage on the final chorus, Jinyoung broke out the iconic JUNGKOOK choreography
  • Seunghun – Youngblood, by 5 Seconds of Summer 
With ambient orange, red, and yellow lighting reflecting off his dark suit, SEUNGHUN (main vocalist) treated FIX to a perfect vocal balance of soft tones leading into lively rock with his 5SOS cover. Just like his members, as his cover went on the energy in the room rose and with a dip of the mic stand, before tossing it to the floor, Seunghun hit notes octaves above the original and let his voice carry throughout Atlanta. 
The members tell FIX how it took a while to choose their solo covers because it had been a while since their last tour and they wanted to make sure they showed their best selves again. With the pacing of each stage and the difference in each cover’s style, the members were able to shine on their own before coming back together for a FIX favorite, “Switch It Up.”

As the group seamlessly transitions between songs, there are a few moments FIX are sure to hold close to their hearts until next tour: Seunghun always being by BX’s side to hype up his solos moments, Jinyoung keeping his movements subtle until breaking out with impactful point choreography, and silly VCR’s for breaks in the show. One of the most memorable stages is from their newest song, “Lovers or Enemies,” thanks to their particular use of rhythm, autotune, bass, raw vocals, and creative shape-making choreography.

One of the many impressive aspects of CIX is that they can transition from energizing hype songs that make fans want to move, to songs that make listeners want to sway in a soft breeze on a summer day. Using these songs to show off their individual colors and as a group, are what make their fans keep their sentiment of the fandom name ‘Faith in X.’ They close the show with feel-good song, ‘Color,‘ making a promise with FIX that, “It may be next year or two years from now but make sure you wait for us.”

While this CIX tour has come to a close, check out their content on their YouTube channel. And stay tuned for more concert reviews, photo galleries, and more, here at!

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