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Dara Exposes YG for ‘Forcing’ 2NE1 to Match Her 38kg Weight: ‘Can’t Eat Dinner’

In a show, Dara painfully recalled how YG Entertainment would “starve” 2NE1 during dinner to match her 38-39kg weight.

On May 31, the YouTube channel, “ZIP DAESUNG,” led by the BIGBANG member, dropped a new vlog containing never-been-seen clips of its past guests, in commemoration of exceeding 100,000 subscribers.

Among them, 2NE1 Sandara was included, where she talked about herself being a small eater and how it practically made her co-members “suffer.”

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In particular, the PD brought up her trainee days and asked if she always had a small appetite. Dara agreed and recalled:

“Yes, so when the members were hungry, I would secretly give them my food.”

She then confessed the time YG wouldn’t allow the members to eat a meal and use her 38-39kg weight as a diet goal.

“The members had a strict diet, especially before debut, CL lost weight until she weighed 43kg. Back then, there was a goal, ‘Match Dara’s Weight.’ But I was 38-39kg.”

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Dara continued:

“I felt so sorry for my members. I think they didn’t allow them to eat dinner or something like that. But since I can eat, I would order tangbokbap and secretly feed them one at a time.”

When Daesung suggested that she could have just gained weight to lessen the members’ burden, Dara revealed that she actually had training to gain weight, but eventually failed.

“With trainer Hwang Ssabu, I did some training but I failed. At 10 p.m., the trainer would say, ‘Order and eat tonkatsu now!’ He told me to do it. But since I can’t eat it, the members eat for me.”

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As the broadcast went on, Dara & Daesung then enjoyed a meal together, eating a Filipino dish called, “Sinigang.” The female star narrated how she fell in love with such comfort food, saying:

“When you eat this at first, you’re like, ‘What is it?’ But it’s not that sour. It contains vegetables that were not originally found in Korea. It contains things like okra and ampalaya. There may be some ingredients that are not available in Korea.

Originally, I didn’t have any Filipino friends in the Philippines, so I always ate fast food like spaghetti. After making my debut in the Philippines, I went to a broadcasting station and there were adults there.”

She continued:

“They said, ‘You should try Filipino food’ and they took me to a restaurant and that was my first time eating it. Almost 20 years ago.”

In the end, Dara also showed a Filipino-like trait by asking Daesung to wrap the left-over sinigang for her as she would like to bring it to her house and eat it with rice.

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Written by Eunice Dela Cruz

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