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December 2023 Best Kpop Comebacks & Debuts – Ash Talks Kpop

I take back what I said about November being mid, lol.

I completed my listen through of my playlist much faster than I expected. Man… it was slim pickings this month. I think it’s been a few Decembers like this. People either released their last major release in October/November or wait until January to release something bigger.

So…uh… let’s get into it! Makes my job easier, I guess 😂.

Yukika – Time-Lapse

SLAAAAAAAPPPPSSSSS. We knew Miss Yukika would drop another flawless album. Time Lapse is a cover/remake album, but not everyone knows how to do a cover right. I find my favorites keep enough of the original so you can get the reference, but unique enough to where it sounds like only something they would make. I’ll bring this up again in with an example in a bit.

I think right now “I Want to be Closer to You” is my favorite song off the album. But it’s soooo good. Short but amazing.

We will miss Yukika’s City Pop music, as this is her last album for the foreseeable future. She got married almost a year ago, and now she’s expecting a child. So it makes sense. A wonderful way to end things off on. In the meantime, there’s plenty to listen to.

Zion.T – Zip

Like many Kpoppies, I was ecstatic to learn that Zion.T was dropping a new album. Even more excited when I recieved an email from THEBLACKLABEL talking about it in more detail. It’s more of the jazzy and chill goodness from him.

“V (Peace)” featuring AKMU was an immediate favorite of mine from ZIP. “Happy End.” is my second favorite.

If you’ve enjoyed any of Zion.T’s music over the last like four years, you’ll enjoy this album too. Another long awaited comeback that delivered.

HEIZE – Last Winter

I somehow missed Miss Heize announcing a new album. Our other favorite boring ballads queen. It’s amazing, of course.

I always forget how much I love her music until she releases something new, and I fall in love all over again.

It was difficult picking a song to link to this article. So I’m including three. You have to check out the music video for the title track, “Stranger“.

Fun fact, I love Beast. Well, I love like seven of their songs according to Spotify, and one day I want to write an article talking about my fave songs of theirs.

But my top three songs are “Fiction“, Beautiful Night“, and “Midnight“. So I was fooking shook when I figured out her song “Midnight” is her rendition of it. And it’s angelic. Absolutely wonderful. Obsessed is an understatement. I need everyone to hear this shit.

This originally dropped months ago, idk how I missed it, but I’m soooo happy she included it on her album.

Baekho & Park Jiwon of fromis_9 – What are we

… WE DIDN’T GET A PROPER MUSIC VIDEO FOR THIS????!!! I hate Hybe lmao. Well, at least Baekho’s teaser video looks amazing. And they did release a live clip video, it’s cute.

Anyway, it feels like ages since Baekho released some music I like. But fromis_9 don’t miss, so I trusted Jiwon to come through for us, and she did. I actually enjoy her parts more overall, but this is what I want, more random ass collabs.

Colde – I’m okay

I’m sorry, but I only seem to like Colde’s more uptempo songs. I’m so sorry I’m like this, but I can not sit through a downtempo Colde boring ballad 😅. So songs like “I’m Okay” feel made especially for the girlies like me.

So shout out to him for making some midtempo R&B tracks, he’s a real one for that.

JUNNY – Better Days feat THAMA

Junny is another artist who’s been creeping up my faves list. I’m still addicted to “Invitation“. This feels so perfect to play after Colde’s “I’m okay”.

WOODZ – Amnesia

* Gigi Hadid voice * big slay. WOODZ performed “Amnesia” during his OOLI AND tour and I loved it then, and I love it now. The long hair look on him, maaaan he wants us all dead, huh?

I love him leaning more into rock music. He just does it so well. I’ve been listening to all of my favorite songs of his since my concert, actually it was a month ago to the day as of writing this article.

Anyway, I still enjoy his R&B songs, and house tracks like “Sun or Suck”, but I don’t find myself missing that sound. WOODZ is just such a versatile artist. No one is doin it like him 💁🏾‍♀️.

December was kinda disappointment quantity wise, but the songs/albums that hit, hit hard. Like One Punch Man hard. What were y’all listening to in December? Let me know in the comments.

I’m slowly but surely getting caught up on the blog. Next up is fave songs of 2023.

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Take care!


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