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[Exclusive Interview] UNICODE to Charm the World with K-City Pop

Photo Cr: Double X Entertainment

The new K-pop girl group formed entirely of Japanese members, UNICODE consisting of members Hana, Mio, Erin, Soo-Ah, and Yura made their debut with the EP album “HELLO WORLD: CODE J EP.1 released on April 17.

Managed by XX Entertainment, UNICODE was formed by the online audition program Project K. The quintet of Japanese artists caught the public’s attention even before their debut while the program was still airing.

The name UNICODE comes from combining the words ‘unity’ and ‘code’, showing the members’ goal to unite the world. The quintet brings to the spotlight a fun and light K-city pop, being the first group to represent this energetic style in K-pop.

Let Me Love‘ is the title track of their debut and marks UNICODE’s impactful start in the industry. The song was produced by JinYoung, known for producing hits for B1A4 and other major names in the music industry such as Oh My Girl and the popular survival reality show Produce 101, which formed the group I.O.I.

The music video is produced by Walala Studio, led by Shindong, a member of the boy group Super Junior and has worked with big names like Red Velvet, Super Junior and Celeb Five.

Let Me Love‘ Music Video

UNICODE’s debut album is a portal that takes listeners to the group’s own universe, a soundscape that unfolds with an ethereal grace. The EP also includes tracks like “Invi: Bon Voyage,” “Blur,” “Spring on my 20th,” and “Drizzle.” To complete the debut album, UNICODE presents another track, an outro, that announces the group’s journey and calls for the audience to wait for the quintet’s next step.

KpopWise spoke with the ladies to learn more of their feelings of debuting as a K-pop artists.

Congratulations on your debut! How does it feel to finally make your debut as part of UNICODE?

UNICODE: It still feels like a dream! I’m so excited and happy. I think we achieved our debut as a singer that we’ve dreamed of since we were young. I want to keep this overwhelming feeling forever.

Can you tell us about the message behind your song “Let me Love”?

Erin: Our title track “Let me love” is a dreamy City Pop song that captures the excitement of the heart. The song is a fresh and exciting confession of unrequited love, which showcases UNICODE’s unique identity and kitsch charm. To fully enjoy the song, I recommend listening to it while recalling the feelings you had when you first heard it.

What are your aspirations as a group in terms of music style and concepts for future releases?

Yura: UNICODE is a unique K-pop group composed of all Japanese members. Our goal is to showcase our own special music through the genre of K-city pop, exploring diverse concepts and presenting new charms with each release. Although we still have a lot to learn, we are committed to giving our best effort and evolving as artists through various concepts.

Did anything funny happen when filming the music video for “Let me Love”?

Soo-Ah: We filmed our music video at an elementary school, and while we were there, some elementary school students who we met at the playground cheered for us saying “Soo-Ah unnie, we love you!” and “UNICODE is the best!” It was so cute and heartwarming that it gave us strength and helped us finish the filming well. I also think that we were able to film our first music video well because Shindong sunbaenim directed us and captured every detail.

How do you bond as a group, and what activities do you enjoy doing together when not practicing or performing?

Mio: We usually bond by eating delicious food together or spending time talking to each other. Through these activities, we get to understand and support each other better, which helps us grow closer and deepen our relationship.

Are there any artists or groups that inspire you or that you look up to?

Yura: We think TWICE sunbaenims are really cool when they perform on stage or do broadcasting activities. We look up to them as role models and we respect their professionalism!

If you chose a member to be your stylist for the week who would it be?

Hana: I would choose Mio! Mio’s style is usually hip and trendy, while my style is a bit more lovely and girly. Since our styles are quite different, I’m curious to see how I would look if I wore Mio’s style.

In what ways do you plan to connect with your international fanbase, especially considering your diverse backgrounds as Japanese members debuting in Korea?

Erin: We plan to communicate with our international fans through various contents, and we hope to not only expand our activities in Asia, but also become active globally!

Lastly, what message would you like to convey to your fans who have been eagerly waiting for your debut and supporting you throughout your journey?

UNICODE: Hello, we are UNICODE! We will continue to come to our fans with good music and various activities in the future. Please give us a lot of love and support!


Special thanks to UNICODE and XX Entertainment for the interview! 

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