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Exclusive Look at the New Districts in North Korea (May, 2024)

Koryo Tours are happy to present an exclusive first-hand insight into Pyongyang in May, 2024. We take a look at some images of the new streets in Pyongyang, new infrastructure, buildings, and North Korean daily life.

Images were provided by a Koryo Tours colleague who visited Pyongyang on a business visa not related to tourism. 

What’s Been Going on in North Korea?

Hwasong District

Songhwa District

Yongung Street

Jonwi Street

New Bar on Hwasong Street

Kandong State Farm

New North Korean Trolleybus

North Korean Daily Life

What’s Been Going on In North Korea? 

A lot has been going on in North Korea over the past 4 years. Most of it has been out of the public eye. The North Korean borders were closed to everyone, including North Koreans stuck abroad, for the first three years of the pandemic. 

The borders have started to open, very slowly. First, it was diplomats and official delegations of ‘friendly’ nations, and then some North Koreans began to return home.

More recently, we have seen some select Russian tourist groups head into the DPRK. Nevertheless, these are no regular tourist groups. And tourism to North Korea has not restarted. 

But we are seeing constant positive signs of a gradual re-opening of North Korea. And remain hopeful that some of the next ones to be allowed in will be tourists to a similar capacity to pre-pandemic levels.

This means that in the coming months, we hope to be able to take regular tourist groups to North Korea to various locations throughout the country. Nevertheless, we do expect some minor changes which we outline in our North Korea Border Updates page and will confirm once the borders have reopened. 

As part of these positive steps, we were delighted to have one of our colleagues who is a British national return to North Korea. This was on a business visa unrelated to tourism. But nevertheless, it’s a positive sign that they’re open to all foreigners (not just those from ‘friendly’ countries). 

Below, we provide some images of new streets in North Korea, some shots of daily life in North Korea, as well as some new architecture. 

Hwasong District

Hwasong District lies north of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun. It seems to be being built in 3 stages, with stage 2 now complete.

This new Pyongyang district is home to a fancy new beer bar. (See below).

new street pyongyang

Songhwa Street 

Songhwa Street is located in Pyongyang’s southeast.

Its architecture is interesting and reminiscent of the sloping roofs you might find in Singapore. 

Here, you will also find the old Taedonggang Factory. 

new street pyongyang

new street pyongyang

Yongung Street

Below are images of new houses on Yongung Street. They have a great view of the Pottongang River. 

These are luxury apartments. It has previously been reported that this fancy district is reserved for ‘elite supporters’ and ‘true patriots’

Indeed, Ri Chun-hee, North Korea’s well-known news anchor lives in these apartments. 

pyongyang street 1

north korea

Jonwi Street

Whilst we have no images for this street, it is a new street located between Pyongyang and the airport. 

It is Pyongyang’s newest street, as it only opened two weeks ago. 

There is a mural of Kim Jong Un here in mosaic form. This is particularly unusual as previously it was very uncommon to see images of current leader Kim Jong Un around the country. Rather, it is usually images and depictions of the previous two leaders, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. 

New Bar on Hwasong Street

A new Taedonggang Beer Bar on the newly opened Hwasong Street.

Taedonggang Beer is one of North Korea’s most popular beers, with 8 different styles of beer. All conveniently named ‘Taedonggang 1’, ‘Taedonggang 2’… etc. 

Read more on North Korea’s prize beer here, and even a bizarre story of how this beer comes from a British brewery… 

north korea new bar

Kangdong State Farm

Kangdong State Farm is on the site of an old military airbase. It is home to a greenhouse growing various plants. 

There are purple and green lights that speed up the growing process and the plants are gravity-fed nutrients. The wheels rotate slowly. 

kangdong farm

north korea

New North Korean Trolleybus 

Along with Pyongyang Metro and the tram network, trolley buses constitute the main means of transportation in the North Korean capital. 

Trolley buses are also the oldest ones, they were introduced in the early 1960s.

Now, they’ve had a make-over, it seems. And appear to be driver-less?! 

Pyongyang Daily Life (May 2024)

What does North Korea look like in 2024? 

Well, apart from the new streets, fancy architecture, and entirely new districts, life does go on for most Pyongangers as usual.


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