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Fan or Foe? Woman Involved in NCT Sex Scandal Makes Cryptic Statement

Seoul, South Korea – June 5, 2024 – The K-pop industry was rocked on June 4, 2024, when accusations surfaced involving two prominent members of the popular boy group NCT, Haechan and Johnny.

The allegations, which included claims of engaging in sexual activities with nightlife workers, sent shockwaves through the fan community and beyond.

However, these claims took a surprising twist when it was revealed that the alleged nightlife workers were, in fact, fans of the idols.

SM Entertainment, the agency managing NCT, swiftly denied these allegations in an official statement.

Following SM Entertainment’s denial, Rio, one of the individuals implicated in the scandal, took to Instagram for a livestream to address the accusations.

This live session, held late on June 4, quickly drew attention as Rio offered her perspective on the controversy.

In her livestream, which was later translated into Korean by a Twitter user, Rio made several statements that both confirmed and denied different aspects of the allegations.

“Did you really do a five-way? Since there are many fans of Korean idols [tuning in], yeah, the comments are all in Korean. This is the first time I’m getting so many Korean comments,” -Rio

Her comments suggested that while some elements of the story might have truth to them, the full narrative was more complex.

Rio further addressed specific questions posed by viewers, including the nature of her interactions with Johnny.

She refuted claims of drug use and prostitution, stating emphatically, “I want to deny drugs and prostitution.” However, she left room for ambiguity regarding other aspects of the scandal.

Not all of it are untrue. A portion of it is true. As for which part is true and which part is a lie, I want to tell you guys that you guys can figure it out for yourself, but since the company is denying it, well, you guys can just believe them then,”  -Rio

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The Instagram livestream was rife with provocative questions and Rio’s candid responses.

One particular moment that drew significant attention involved a question about Johnny’s language preferences during intimate moments, to which Rio responded with humor.

“Does Johnny speak English or Korean during intercourse? LOL. You’re the worst LOL.” -Rio

Rio also addressed a common rumor in such scandals-that money had exchanged hands.

“We didn’t receive money from them. No get money,” she stated, attempting to dispel the notion that any illegal financial transaction had taken place.

As this story continues to develop, the response from fans has been mixed, with some expressing disbelief and others showing support for Haechan and Johnny.

SM Entertainment’s firm denial stands in stark contrast to Rio’s more nuanced recounting of events, leaving fans and the public to piece together the truth.

This incident highlights the intense scrutiny and pressure faced by K-pop idols, whose personal lives are often subject to public fascination and speculation.

As NCT continues their promotional activities, the group’s future responses and actions will be closely watched by both fans and industry observers.

In a world where rumors can spread rapidly online, the unfolding of this scandal underscores the need for careful consideration of both official statements and personal testimonies.

The full impact of these allegations on Haechan, Johnny, and NCT as a whole remains to be seen, as the truth continues to be sought by all involved.

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Written by Cassidy Jones. 

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