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February 2024 Best Kpop Comebacks & Debuts – Ash Talks Kpop

I saw a tweet that said February has somewhere to be, huh? Another month down in 2024. Another busy month for me. Musically, I listened to a lot of the January faves. So I guess that means I’ll be listening to a ton of February releases in March.

I haven’t out together my March list yet, but I’m excited the most for Chungha and Hongjoong’s (ATEEZ) song. But I’m looking forward to new music this month will bring us.

We lost Shinsadong Tiger, an amazing Kpop producer, this month, and it doesn’t sit right with me that his legacy isn’t being talked about much online. He made huuuuuge hits during the second gen of Kpop and was still very much active in the industry with TRI.BE being the most recent/last group he was creating music for.

Of course, my three fave TRI.BE songs “Witch”, “Wonderland” and “Would You Run” (all songs I’ve talked about on here before) were also made by him.

He’s also produced “Heartbeat” by TAN. So you may recognize him from that one as well.

I saved this thread here of some of his best known songs. Apink, t-ara, lots of CUBE entertainment, 4Minute, BEAST, HyunA. And of course EXID’s “Every Night” and “Up & Down” just to name a few.

I forgot if I knew he made Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom” and “I’m So Hot”. The latter makes total sense now that I think about it more. “I’m So Hot” totally sounds second gen in the best way. Fun and not serious, a little camp even.

There’s a Reddit thread where people talk about their favorite works from Shinsadong Tiger that I think is a really nice way to honor his work, and read some interviews that were linked. And they also linked a Wiki page of his production discography if you’re interested in checking that out as well.

Rest in peace, Shinsadong Tiger. Your talent is unmatched and your impact on Kpop and Korean music as a whole will continue to entertain countless people, globally, for years to come.

Now let’s get into the February 2024 faves!

TEN – TEN – The first Mini Album

There’s just something so lazy and uninspired when SM does this shit with album titles for soloist, lol. It pisses me off so much.

That being said, Ten’s first mini album sounds pretty much as I expected it to. It’s a good culmination of what his music has sounded like over the last like two years. If you like “Paint Me Naked”, you’ll find something on here you’ll enjoy.

I’m basic, so naturally “Shadow” is my favorite song from the mini. “On Ten” is fun and upbeat. That’s my second fave off this mini. I wasn’t much of a fan of “Nightwalker”, but I think I’ll revisit it in a few months and see if my thoughts on it change.

I think I’m mostly just happy that Ten IS finally getting a mini album and a decently promoted promotional cycle for it.

oceanfromtheblue – 25 – A Colors Show

My favorite song released this month. I can’t stop listening or thinking about it. It’s just a fookin BANGER. If this song isn’t at the top of my favorite songs of 2024 (I almost wrote 20 25 like he sings in the song, lmao), I will be incredibly surprised.

I think this is now my favorite oceanfromtheblue song. He put crack in this track. I just love a midtempo R&B song. I’m a simple lass.

I’ve never heard of COLORSxSTUDIO prior to oceanfromtheblue’s song. This is what their YouTube says:

COLORSXSTUDIOS is a unique aesthetic music platform showcasing exceptional talent from around the globe. COLORS focuses on the most distinctive new artists and original sounds in an increasingly fragmented and saturated scene. All COLORS shows seek to provide clear, minimalistic stage that shines a spotlight on the artists, giving them the opportunity to present their music without distraction.

COLORSxSTUDIO about section on YouTube

Neat. I’ve already found some new music (to me) that I’ve saved from artists they played during a livestream (idk how long this stream will be up, but worse case, it takes you to their page 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m trying here lol).

Yugyeom – TRUST ME

I’ve been asking for the full length Yugyeom album for a while, and we’ve finally got it!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉. It exactly what I wanted, more R&B tracks with a few slower songs sprinkled in. We got a few songs we’ve already heard like “LOLO” and “Ponytail”, but a lot of new stuff here too. You have some coffee shop vibes with songs like “Say Nothing” feat LeeHi and “La Sol Mi”. But Trust Me‘s pacing is great.

I haven’t decided on my favorite b-side yet. I’ll likely have this album on my faves of 2024. So I have time to decide.

I love the styling and video for “1 Minute”. The pink suit is my favorite, of course, but every fit is a 10/10.

Really, if you’ve enjoyed Yugyeom’s solo releases so far, you’ll love this as well. This album is a great mix of Yugyeom’s solo sound. I looooove it. Now we just need the Atlanta stop on the world tour 🤞🏾 🤞🏾 🤞🏾 🤞🏾.

TWICE – With YOU-th

Oh, I fooooooking love this one. I wasn’t too sure about “I Got You” on my first listen, but it gets better with every listen. I love a 80s synth moment. Truly the sister song to “Feel Special”. And the video for “I Got You” is just as entertaining. So much going on, you’re never bored.

“Bloom” is my favorite b-side, then “Rush”, but I think “I Got You” is my favorite song on the album. Would we consider this a power ballad? It has the vibes to me.

I’m never got gonna be excited about something Twice releases at this point, tbh. They’re ma girls.

ENHYPEN – What Makes You Beautiful

Oh they aaaate with this one. “I Need U” was fine. I don’t love or hate it, but I had so much fun listening to their cover of “What Makes You Beautiful”. Maybe it just had me less stressed. Idk why we don’t get more 1D song covers in Kpop. What are y’all afraid of?

Anyway. Idk why they’re (Enha) doing all these covers lately, but I’m here for it.

ASTRO – Circles

They did it again, another gem made by the ASTRO lads. It’s chill, a tune. A great choice as the first full group release in two years. “Candy Sugar Pop” was TWO YEARS AGO?? Girl WHAT?

Anyway, I really like “Circles”. It’s not a banger like “All Night” or “Blue Flame”, but not everything gotta be over the top all the time. I want ASTRO to take as much time as they need to get to a place (if they want) to make bangers like that. We’ll be here chillin in the meantime.

A.C.E – My Girl: My Choice

A.C.E is BACCCCCCCKK. We’ve almost got all the members back, Yuchan is still completing his military service. As the youngest member, he went in last. He was holdin A.C.E down though for a bit there. The official A.C.E account was basically a Yuchan account until the hyungs started filtering back in.

I’m so excited about this era for A.C.E. Changer: Dear Eris felt like a shift for them musically, and now they’re just picking up from where they left off.

“My Girl” is my favorite song from this mini album. I love both Korean and English versions of the song. The music video is a great. I love a plot driven video, and they had fans (Choice) participate in filming it.

“Facetime” is my second favorite song from the album. The inclusion of the FaceTime sound makes me smile, they saw the opportunity and took it.

Things just feel like their turning in A.C.E’s favor. It’s about damn time. I missed Junhee so much, omg 😭.

ATEEZ – Not Okay

I’ve lowkey been missing A to the Teez. But they delivered with this Japanese release. I love “Not Okay”. The moment Hongjoong’s rap starts, I was transcended to another dimension. Ohhh it’s the best part of “Not Okay”. That drill beat?? Chef’s kiss.

The music video for “Not Okay” is dark and so ATZ style. I guess this falls into a Halateez concept? There’s sooo much going on. I liveee for the drama. Love when them make anthem songs like this. The switch into grayscale too towards the end? Man, this is cinema.

I can’t wait for the Korean version. I just feel it’s coming later.

And that’s it! February was an interesting mix of songs from reliable faves. I’m super excited to see what March is gonna bring us. We finally got TXT’s comeback confirmed for April 1st. So I gotta get those TXT articles I’ve been wanting to write done. I just got a lot I need to plan and organize. I wanted to post more in February but time got away from me.

I hope y’alls February was alright. Tell me what you were listening to last month in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

I’ll see ya next post!


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