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Fin.K.L) – ONEUS

ONEUS makes their return this week with a remake of an old KPOP classic originally by Fin.K.L, who was a female group active back in the late 90s and early 00s. The song in question is titled Now, which was released back in 2000. We last saw ONEUS through their album release La Dolce Vita and promotions of Baila Conmigo. The group has also been on their 2nd world tour, visiting countries in Europe, Japan and the USA.

ONEUS’s take on Now feels pretty expected. And I am not entirely sure if that is a good thing or not. Part of me wants ONEUS to have gone outside of the box. But the risk of that, especially with such an iconic song like Now, is that you do it an injustice. Hence, keeping to the familiar melodies, hooks and arrangement of the original version of Now makes sense. That being said, ONEUS does manage to give Now some it their own flair. This newer version of Now is lot more loaded thanks to 90s pop influence, the presence of EDM elements, as well as the group’s rougher vocals. I also enjoyed the addition of the funky guitar in the interlude following the first chorus, as well as the trap based instrumental break. I do wish the brassy element in the background of the chorus was more prominent and prevalent. That could have really given this version of Now more individuality had it been done right. Overall, it is a good remake of the original song. It keeps it true to the song’s roots, but ONEUS does give it a modern flair. If you thought the remake was a little plain, I don’t blame you. But I hope you managed to hear what the first generation of KPOP had to offer.

ONEUS pulls of a heist, with a bit of a comedic flair to it. Leedo assembles a team to conduct the heist, with himself being the mastermind, Hwanwoong being the gadgets guy, Keonhee being the outfit/costume/disguise guy, Seoho being the decoy and Xion being the tech guy. The comedy comes through various means such as Xion taking a selfie of the group whilst they are planning the heist, Hwanwoong having a little much fun, Seoho actually think he makes for a good janitor and Keonhee with his fake moustache. Leedo manages to break through the security systems to get into the vault with the help of Xion. They pick up a small metallic box. But as they open it to see what is inside, the alarm goes off. They rush out to escape, but can’t see to get past the door in the hallway. But Xion had planned for this earlier and blows up the building… with them still inside…. Somehow, it looks like they managed to escape (or are they in the afterlife?). And the box they were looking for was empty the whole time. The video closes out with two ants bopping away on one of the members’ shoulders. A comment on YouTube explains the significance as the English lyrics “Came into my life” sounds like ‘2 ants’ in Korean. Overall, the video seems to be intended as lighthearted and funny, and it does so quite well.

Just like how the song keeps some of the original, the choreography does the same. The original performance’s key move for the post-chorus sequence is retained. But again, ONEUS manages to bring their own style to the performance. I am particularly impressed with the dance break, with Hwanwoong, Leedo and Xion doing a body twist mid-air. It looked very cool and intense.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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