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First-Generation Idol Gives His Take On Today’s K-Pop Idols

Long-time K-Pop fans will know how much the industry has changed from generation to generation. The first-generation idol group g.o.d was at the start of K-Pop, and it has seen the cultural progress of the K-Pop scene.

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From music, style, and fandom culture, much has changed since the first generation. g.o.d members Son Hoyoung and Joon Park appeared on Kim Jaejoong’s YouTube series, Jaefriends and talked about the differences between idols then and now.


I can’t keep track of all the idols these days.

— Joon Park

Hoyoung also had a hard time differentiating the members’ voices.


(As a first generation idol) The hardest part for me is figuring out who sings which part when you hear a track. I can’t match the member to the voice. (In the past) You’d hear a song and know which member is singing. But the voices are more similar now.

— Son Hoyoung

However, the exception was with SM idols.

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We know which groups are from SM, though. SM has a distinct style.

— Joon Park

The members also shared that Park Jin Young used to make vocals sound similar to him, but not anymore.


“Jaejoong: When JYP produces, he will make the vocals sound like him, but not these days.

Hoyoung: He doesn’t direct now.

Joon: JYP wouldn’t let us go if he wasn’t happy if we didn’t do as he wishes. Why even have us, then? I get confused if it’s Hoyoung or JYP.”

While some netizens agreed with the members’ opinion…

Netizen comments | theqoo 
  • “I agree, isn’t that the trend these days? I found it interesting that all the voices were similar…”
  • “Seriously, and if the vocal style is the same if they’re from the same company. I wonder if the idols from that agency are just being replaced. Although you would know who’s who if it’s the group you stan.”
  • “I agree. I can’t tell the difference in the voices, and I don’t know what the lyrics are saying; why is there so much English.”
  • “And they say these songs are good and stay on the music charts long. I don’t listen to it.”
  • “I agree. It sounds like one person is singing.”
  • “Wow, I totally agree; I can’t tell the difference.”
  • “I think it depends on the group…”
  • “I agree.”

…some felt that it could be there were out of the loop on current idols.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Isn’t it because they just aren’t familiar with current idols and songs?”
  • “I think they haven’t listened to many songs.”
  • “Ah true.”
  • “It’s not just idols, but popular male solo artists also sound the same.”
  • “I’m not from that era so I can’t agree with them.”
  • “Based on the time period, trends and visuals become similar, and it’s not like in the past when groups had 5-6 members. Larger groups started coming out after Super Junior and Girls’ Generation. There were also co-ed groups that made it easier to differentiate.”

What do you think? Are idol groups becoming too similar these days? Watch the full episode below!

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