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Former T-ARA Areum in Hot Water Over Child Abuse Allegations

Former T-ara member Lee Areum and her mother have been charged with child abuse, adding to the growing list of legal troubles for the K-pop idol. The charges, announced by Dispatch, also include a temporary restraining order barring them from approaching their children.

The case against Areum and her mother follows a series of accusations and investigations. Areum had previously accused her ex-husband, identified as Mr. A, of child abuse.

She claimed that he had thrown an infant from a bed and physically mistreated their five-year-old child. Areum alleged that Mr. A used the children as outlets for his anger, even urinating and defecating on their faces. Despite these serious allegations, the police investigation found no evidence to substantiate her claims.

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On May 8, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office dismissed the case against Mr. A due to insufficient evidence. The prosecution noted a lack of credibility in the children’s testimonies, which experts suggested could have been influenced by Areum.

In a turn of events, the Gwangmyeong Police Station charged Areum last month with child abuse, neglect, and child abduction. Her mother was also charged with child abduction. Both Areum and her mother are now temporarily banned from coming within 100 meters of the children’s residence and daycare until July 21.

(Photo : Twitter/pannchoa)

Areum’s legal troubles are compounded by her personal life controversies. She has two sons with Mr. A and divorced him in December last year. Subsequently, she announced her remarriage to Mr. Seo. However, Areum faced allegations of defrauding fans and acquaintances of over 40 million won with Mr. Seo, leading to their split in April.

The charges against Areum have sent shockwaves through her fan base and the broader community. Many fans expressed their disbelief and disappointment on social media, with some calling for a thorough investigation to ensure the safety and well-being of the children involved.

Meanwhile, Former T-ARA member Areum is embroiled in controversy following accusations that she faked a suicide attempt and extorted money from fans.

YouTuber Lee Jinho, known for insider entertainment news, claimed in a video that Areum’s hospitalization was staged and that she and her boyfriend exploited fans’ sympathy to borrow money, using her children as leverage.

Allegedly, over ten victims have been defrauded, with an estimated loss of 43.95 million KRW (32.08k USD), but only a small portion has been repaid. Areum responded in a now-deleted Instagram story, denying the accusations, asserting her account was hacked, and accusing the YouTuber of spreading false information.

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