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From MAMAMOO Hwasa to Hyuna: 3 Female K-Pop Idols Who Sparked Backlash Due to ‘Inappropriate’ Actions During University Music Festivals

It is officially May, a.k.a. university music festival season in South Korea. While most artists receive love and praise from college students at this time, not every artist’s set goes off without a hitch.

Here are 3 female K-pop idols who have been slammed for their indecent actions during a university music festival performance.

1. MAMAMOO Hwasa

In 2023, Hwasa performed “Don’t” with rapper Loco at Sungkyunkwan University. While performing the song, Hyuna squatted, licked her fingers, and mimicked touching a sensitive part of her body.

This action immediately caused the female idol to be the center of criticism.

Soon after the clip went viral, the Korean Parents Association for Protecting Human Rights of Students filed a complaint against Hwasa for her “vulgar” behavior.

In their complaint, they noted that Hwasa’s movement showed explicit sexual

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The police were forced to investigate the matter, summoning Hwasa for questioning. They stated they were collecting relevant information from the idol’s management company to determine whether the performance deserved punishment.

According to Korean law, performing indecent acts in front of a certain audience can be considered public obscenity. If convicted, the MAMAMOO member could face a prison sentence of up to a year or a fine of up to 5 million won. It is considered one of Hwasa’s biggest scandals, and the idol confessed to going through a hard time during the scandal.

Luckily, Hwasa was found innocent.


On April 27, 2024, K-pop soloist BIBI sparked controversy for something she said during a university music festival.

While performing at Namseoul University, she asked the students:

“Who hates school? Isn’t school the worst?”

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After the footage went viral on social media, BIBI faced criticisms from netizens, who claimed her statement was seen as “cursing” the school.

Many couldn’t hide their anger, noting that students pay thousands of dollars in tuition to enjoy the performance, but when the artists attend the festival, they curse the university they are performing in.

Fans believed her actions were inappropriate, as they provoked negativity towards the education system.

3. HyunA

In 2019, HyunA performed at the Korea Aerospace University. There, she performed several of her hits, such as “Bubble Pop,” “Lip & Hip,” and “Red.”

While performing “Bubble Pop,” HyunA shocked the audience by lifting her skirt while she had her back against the audience, revealing her underwear and her butt.

This action sparked immense backlash, with netizens claiming her choreography crossed the line and was offensive since the venue was a university.

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HyunA released a statement following the backlash, stating that while the venue was a university, the event itself was a party where people had fun and enjoyed themselves.

There was a bar, and attendees could use alcoholic drinks. She asked her fans to not worry about it and asked netizens to open their hearts more.

What do you think of the situation? Tell us in the comments below!

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