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Huh Chanmi Is Finally Getting Popularity in South Korea — Here’s What Happened

After failing to debut with Girls’ Generation & I.O.I, K-pop idol Huh Chanmi has been gaining popularity in South Korea for THIS reason.

In the K-pop scene, Huh Chanmi initially made her name known as a member of Coed School launched in 2010 and F-ve Girls which debuted in 2011.

Prior to this, she was originally an SM Entertainment trainee who supposedly trained to become the 10th member of “Nation’s Girl Group” SNSD, but due to her young age, she was dropped from the lineup.

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Although she has a pretty face and incredible vocals, she wasn’t able to reach a peak in her career after her group disbanded in just a year.

In 2016, she tried again and joined Mnet’s “Produce 101” where she gained fame, but, unfortunately, for a negative reason. In a part where she was singing her supposed debut song with SNSD, “Into the New World,” she got the main vocalist role but during the “killing part,” she missed the note and her voice cracking was replayed by Mnet 5 times.

This became a massive internet meme which led her not to go outside her room for a year.

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When people thought that she had already given up on becoming a singer, Huh Chanmi persevered and decided to pursue her path as a trot singer.

On May 2, she made her comeback with her new song, “Saturday Night,” and although it failed to enter the domestic major music charts, she is earning fame organically through her live performances all over the country.

The song is a trot dance song that drew attention for its so-called, “tail dance” and is becoming an ongoing dance challenge in the local community.

Music experts predicted that this new song will be popular because of its retro mature sound from the 80s as well as for its addictive sound that can be easily sung along.

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A media outlet added:

“What makes Huh Chanmi’s performance of her new song even more eye-catching is that it combines her experience as an idol trainee and as a member. Her tail dance and her hand and foot movements that are made by carefully calculating the beat of her song clearly demonstrate her dancing skills, as does Heo Chanmi’s beautiful dance line.”

As of the moment, “Saturday Night” is on the rise as a popular song not only in the metropolitan area but also on local radio stations across the country, and her fans’ choreography challenges also appear, making it a popular summer song.

She is also busy hitting festival stages all over the country with her popular track.

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Written by Eunice Dela Cruz

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