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HYBE Allegedly “Silences” SEVENTEEN’s DK

Weverse Lives are also being filtered.

According to netizens, SEVENTEEN‘s DK allegedly confirmed that he is “silenced” by HYBE.

DK | PLEDIS Entertainment

Fans have been attempting to keep their favorite idols informed on the ongoing genocide happening in Gaza in any way possible, as the death toll in the Gaza Strip has reportedly surpassed 35K due to Israeli attacks since October. The surviving Palestinians in Gaza are struggling to survive as over 78K are injured, starving, displaced, and lost homes, family, and friends.

Many have used social media platforms to comment, trend hashtags, and even organize boycotts. For months, K-Pop fans have been boycotting HYBE due to the company’s ties to Zionism. They are calling on HYBE to divest from Zionism and remove HYBE America CEO Scooter Braun, as he is known to be outspokenly Zionist.

#HYBEDivestFromZionism — Why Netizens Are “Singling Out” The Big 4 Company

In a recent live broadcast via Weverse, a viewer commented, informing SEVENTEEN’s DK about the Palestinian CARATs who are in danger and asked him to raise his hand. Many netizens are interpreting the comment as “Dokyeom, Palestinian CARATs are now in danger due to ceasefire. The kids outside are also having a hard time. Are you aware of this and stand with Palestine? If you can’t talk about this, please do ✋🏻 instead.” Viewers noticed that DK suddenly raised his hand out of nowhere during the live broadcast. So, many netizens believe this was DK’s attempt to voice his support for Palestine.


shame on you hybe 🤬. they actively silencing their artists to speak out abt this ! let them speak ! 🍉📢 seventeen [cr; @/factorybong]

♬ suara asli – DENII – DENII

Yet, the Korean comment was in broken Korean. The broken Korean (말 안됐으면) reads, “If this [message] doesn’t make sense (or, word-per-word, “If not worded right”), please do this ✋🏻 instead.” It’s technically a stretch for the broken Korean part to be interpreted as “If you can’t talk about this.”  There is no way of knowing if the viewer meant “If this message doesn’t make sense,” “If you can’t talk about this,” or even something completely different. Likewise, there is also no way of knowing how DK interpreted this broken Korean and what he thought he was doing when he raised his hand.


i hope they can voice out their opinions abt this ©️factorybong ©️kyeomties #dk #dokyeom #dkseventeen #seventeen17_official #sebong #palestine #svt #trending #fyp

♬ original sound – inner child

Still, DK’s live broadcast was briefly removed. According to CARATs, some portions were deleted. Yet, the moment for which he raised his hand remains. Some CARATs believe some moments were removed due to Jeonghan‘s outfit, a possible spoiler from DK, etc.

Nonetheless, many posts containing the clip of DK raising his hand have also been removed from X (formerly Twitter), raising further suspicions. Many fans believe that the HYBE artists are censored and unable to speak out concerning the genocide in Palestine due to the company’s ties to Zionism.

Additionally, those who watched members’ live broadcasts recently noticed that comments about Palestine, simply including the flag, were deleted.

Another HYBE artist recently went viral for liking posts concerning the tragedies in Palestine.

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BOYNEXTDOOR’s Leehan Goes Viral After Liking Several Posts In Support Of Palestine


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