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HYBE threatens Min Hee-jin with “termination” as in-fighting explodes + Min Hee-jin’s past “comments” catch attention

Article[Exclusive] Min Hee-jin “Bang Si-hyuk’s ‘copying of New Jeans’ is the cause of conflict”

Source: Hankyung

In-fighting between HYBE and ADOR executives is exploding in Korea.  

On the 22nd, HYBE began an audit of ADOR executives including CEO Min Hee-jin and Vice President A. According to reports, HYBE found out that ADOR executives to include Min Hee-jin and A were attempting to seize management rights and therefore exercised their right to audit the executives. Personnel from the audit team visited ADOR’s management work area and seized company assets and began securing face-to-face statements. The plan is to take necessary legal action based on computer assets secured that day.

Min Hee-jin’s past interview about HYBE is also being re-examined. 

Min Hee-jin stated at the time, “People keep easily shouting out ‘it’s HYBE’s money’ but I personally don’t agree with this. The management strategy taken by the label after the investment is decided and made is at the sole discretion of the label, it has nothing to do with HYBE. At the time, I had received similar investment proposals other than HYBE. I had a variety of options and wherever the investment ended up being, the provision of ‘creative independence’ and ‘non-interference’ would’ve been the top priority, whether or not it was HYBE. New Jeans success has nothing to do with HYBE.”

The analysis is that this ‘distancing’ from HYBE led to an attempt to seize management rights. While HYBE exercised its right to audit, claims are being made that the audit questionnaire sent to ADOR executives including Min Hee-jin contains even more shocking content, drawing attention.

On the other hand, Min Hee-jin has refuted the claims stating that she never tried to seize management rights, saying, “All of this is because of the ILLIT plagiarism incident of New Jeans. HYBE is throwing the blame onto me because of this.”

She added, “Ironically, the cultural achievements achieved by ADOR and its artist New Jeans are the ones most seriously violated by HYBE. They’re responsible for ILLIT’s entertainment schedules to include their hair, makeup, costumes, choreo, photos, video, and event appearances. They’re copying New Jeans in all areas. HYBE is blinded by short-term profits and copies successful cultural content without hesitation, producing banality (something unoriginal) rather than showing something new.”

“ADOR has already raised an official issue with HYBE and BELIFT Lab regarding this copying incident as well as a series of actions that HYBE has taken towards New Jeans. However, HYBE and BELIFT did not admit any wrongdoing. He’s busy making excuses and is taking time delaying giving specific answers.”

“We were suddenly notified that they’ll take steps to suspend and dismiss Min Hee-jin as CEO claiming that ‘Min Hee-jin is significantly damaging ADOR’s corporate value.’  The suspicions of attempting to seize management rights were raised by HYBE themselves. They’re even claiming it was an ‘outrageous media play.’ 

With Min Hee-jin’s rebuttal, the conflict between HYBE and ADOR appears to be entering a ‘game of truth.’ Attention is focused on the disharmony between the two sides that is spreading due to the ‘ILLIT plagiarism’ scandal. 

  1. [+5,179, -385] She’s not entirely wrong ㅋㅋ 아ILLIT really is too similar
  2. [+2,010, -137] Honestly, even I can acknowledge this. I immediately thought of New Jeans too when I first saw ILLIT.
  3. [+1,563, -500] Aigoo, did she really write this thinking this media play will fool the public?
  4. [+1,574, -234] Eh, is she really trying to say her betrayal is justified because he plagiarized? Like she had no choice but to backstab him and go independent because of that? What does that even mean? 
  5. [+1,138, -223] But you plagiarized too.. Pink Pantheress is basically a copy paste??
  6. [+664, -80] But Min Hee-jin’s anger is justified? Bang Si-hyuk basically produced a New Jeans copy with ILLIT ㅋㅋ 
  7. [+601, -33] Let’s be honest, without New Jeans, ILLIT’s current concept wouldn’t have even been birthed ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  
  8. [+574, -34] It clearly says in the first line there, “the claims that ADOR is trying to take over management rights is not true at all..” looks like no one is reading it ㅋㅋ. You can’t hide the fact that ILLIT’s concept is too similar. Everyone has been saying it’s a copy cat since before their debut. There were a lot of rumors exploding that Min Hee-jin got pissed when she saw how blatantly they copied New Jeans with ILLIT’s concept and she put in a complaint with HYBE.. then HYBE turned around and terminated her with that notice of dismissal
  9. [+585, -50] Min Hee-jin is 100% right. There’s such a thing as morality when doing business. They went too far with their blatant plagiarism with ILLIT. HYBE has no shame, they crossed the line copying a group that’s also actively promoting. Only iljin ba$tards copy to that level and hope to get away with it.
  10. [+455, -22] Bang Si-hyuk owns 30% stake in HYBE and HYBE has 80% stake in ADOR. What kind of talents does Min Hee-jin think she has trying to stage a coup to take over management rights?? ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ Aigoo HYBE saw this as the right opportunity to throw Min Hee-jin out after seeing all the offers she was getting ㅋㅋ.
  11. [+512, -24] SM JYP YG, there’s a reason why the ‘Big 3’ entertainment agencies take at least 4-5 years with their trainees before debuting a new idol group. This helps give time to provide a fresh concept to the public and make sure concepts don’t overlap internally either. After enough time has passed, even 5 years isn’t enough to hone their dancing and singing skills enough to take on the world stage. Aespa came out 6 years after Red Velvet’s debut.. 8 years for Baemon to debut after Blackpink.. Bang Si-hyuk is a businessman to his core, he’ll never understand this concept. 
  12. [+384, -14] But its true that they plagiarized with ILLIT.. a total copy and paste ㅋㅋ 

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