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Idols Who Are Called ‘Unnecessary’ in The Group: BLACKPINK Jisoo, TWICE Jeongyeon, More

In the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop, where talent, visuals, and presence are scrutinized under the spotlight, a recent post by a netizen has sparked heated debates among fans.

The post singled out certain members of famous idol groups, labeling them as “filler members” whose absence wouldn’t significantly impact the group’s dynamics.

Among those mentioned was Jisoo of BLACKPINK, who, despite being recognized as a top visual and holding the position of lead vocalist, has often faced criticism for her perceived lack of standout talent.

While some acknowledge her vocal abilities, comparisons to fellow members like Jennie and Rosé have led to claims that Jisoo’s presence in the group is primarily visual.

Similarly, TWICE Jeongyeon found herself in the spotlight of the discussion.

Despite being appreciated for her vocal color and technique, Jeongyeon’s limited presence in the group’s songs has led to debates over her importance to TWICE’s success.

For Red Velvet Yeri, who joined the group post-debut, questions arise regarding her necessity within the lineup.

While praised for her visuals, criticisms regarding her contributions to vocals, rap, and dance have fueled arguments against her inclusion in the group.

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Jaehyuk’s inclusion in TREASURE’s lineup has been a topic of contention since his debut.

Despite lacking standout talent, his presence in the group has raised questions about the prioritization of visuals over skills in the industry.

The newest addition to the conversation is Huening Bahiyyih of KEP1ER, whose debut has been clouded by criticisms of her abilities and necessity within the group.

Despite her familial ties to fame, Bahiyyih’s role within the group has been questioned.

In response to the controversy, fans of the respective groups have fiercely defended their idols, emphasizing their unique contributions and dismissing claims of redundancy.

Arguments range from acknowledging overlooked talents to questioning the criteria by which these members are judged.

While discussions around “filler members” may ignite passions within fan communities, it’s essential to recognize that each member contributes to the group’s identity in their own way.

Here are some of the comments from K-pop fans:

  • “TWICE is only perfect when there are 9 members.”
  • “In terms of talent, Jeongyeon has many, but it’s just that she didn’t get promoted by the company so she didn’t stand out.”
  • “If Jaehyuk was incompetent, would YG let him debut? He’s not the best, but he’s always improved over his past self.”
  • “Jisoo just doesn’t have a very beautiful voice color, but she sings live the most stable in the group.”
  • “No one is ‘redundant.’ The groups are perfect with the current number of members.”

It’s through vocals, dance, rap, visuals, or other intangible qualities, every member plays a role in shaping the group’s success and deserves appreciation for their efforts.

As K-pop continues to evolve, perhaps it’s time to celebrate the diversity of talents within these groups rather than reduce them to labels of redundancy.

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Written by Cassidy Jones. 

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