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Influencer Goes Viral As Netizens Compare Her Husband To “Lovely Runner” Star Byeon Woo Seok

Do you see the resemblance?

An influencer’s husband has garnered attention for his resemblance to popular actor Byeon Woo Seok!

byeon woo seok
Byeon Woo Seok

TvN‘s Lovely Runner (also known as Run Away With Sun-Jae On Piggyback) concluded with its finale this week, but we’re not over it. This romantic-comedy time-slip show is adapted from the webcomic Tomorrow’s Best by True Beauty screenwriter Lee Si Eun. Actors Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon star as Ryu Sun Jae (also romanized as Ryu Seon Jae) and Im Sol, respectively.

Ryu Seon-Jae (Byeon Woo-Seok) is a top star who has been in the spotlight since his debut. His life seems perfect, but being in the entertainment industry has completely worn him out. Meanwhile, Lim Sol (Kim Hye-Yoon) loves Ryu Seon-Jae as an adoring fan. When she was little, she had an accident. Due to that, she gave up on her dream, but listening to Ryu Seon-Jae’s song on the radio gave her comfort and she became his fan since then. One day, Lim Sol hears breaking news that Ryu Seon-Jae has ended his own life. She feels deep sadness over the tragic news. Miraculously, Lim Sol somehow travels back in time to 15 years in the past. There, she faces Ryu Seon-Jae, who is a 19 year old high school student. She struggles to prevent his tragic future.

— AsianWiki

Kim Hye Yoon (left) and Byeon Woo Seok (right)

With his role as Ryu Sun Jae, Byeon Woo Seok became K-Drama fans’ internet boyfriend. With his height, dimples, and wholesome personality, what’s there not to love?


While he seems like one-of-a-kind (and he is), netizens occasionally see men who resemble their favorite actors.

Content creator and influencer Kim Nana (@missnana94 on Instagram and @kimnarmin on TikTok) recently shared clips from her wedding via the video-sharing app TikTok. One video, in particular, went viral with 2M views at the time of writing.


마니 따랑해 😭🥹🤍 #fypシ゚viral #fyp #korea #커플 #결혼 #wedding #koreanwedding #웨딩촬영

♬ original sound – lee ❦

The video featured her fiancé’s reaction to seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time. Netizens commented on how it appeared he “fell in love all over again” and how beautiful her dress was.


Yet, many couldn’t get past the husband’s appearance. Netizens were shook by his resemblance to Byeon Woo Seok!



While this is certainly not the first nor last video Kim Nana shared with her husband, it is the most viral due to netizens’ comments. Still, she can’t share anything featuring her husband that doesn’t get at least one comment pointing out his similarities to the Lovely Runner star.


완벽한 남자랑 완벽한 결혼식 🤍 #fyp #korea #결혼 🤍

♬ original sound – HSF


서울메이트 사랑해♥️ #fypシ゚viral #fyp #korea #seoul #커플 #결혼 #wedding

♬ when you know – marsrd



Do you see the resemblance?

Kim Nana (right) with her husband (left)

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