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JUNE 2024 K-DRAMAS on Viu: “Bitter Sweet Hell”, “Player 2”, “Perfect Family” + Time-Traveling Stories

Almost half of 2024 has passed by. Are you feeling the urge to hit the rewind button and begin anew?

Explore Viu’s new and currently streaming K-Dramas plus a handpicked assortment of time-travel series with each one whisking you away to a unique era.

Lovely Runner

Fans of Byeon Woo Seok, you’re in for a treat! Don’t miss out on seeing him star alongside Kim Hye Yoon in Lovely Runner, based on the webtoon “The Best of Tomorrow”.

In this heartwarming story, diehard fangirl Im Sol’s world is rocked when she learns of the tragic passing of her beloved celebrity, Ryu Sun-jae. But after shedding tears for her idol, she finds herself unexpectedly transported back 15 years into the past when he was still alive, now as his high school classmate. As she navigates this newfound reality, romance blossoms between them, offering a chance to alter Sun-jae’s fate. Will Im Sol succeed in changing his destiny?

Twinkling Watermelon

Explore the captivating narrative of Viu Original Twinkling Watermelon, a fantasy coming-of-age tale centered around Eun-gyeol (Ryeoun), a talented high school musician.

After a visit to a peculiar musical instrument shop, Eun-gyeol finds himself thrust back in time, where he forms a band called Watermelon Sugar with newfound companions. Get ready for an exhilarating journey filled with adventure, music, and enigma as Eun-gyeol ventures into uncharted territory.

Perfect Marriage Revenge

Adapted from the popular webtoon of the same title, Perfect Marriage Revenge is an enthralling melodrama that follows Han Yi-joo (Jung Yoo-min), who, feeling unloved by her family, gets a chance at a new life following a tragic accident. Determined to alter her destiny and seek retribution, she terminates her engagement to her unfaithful spouse and strikes a deal with Seo Do-guk (Sung Hoon), a sharp and attractive heir to the Taeja Group. They agree to wed not out of affection, but for their own personal agendas.

What commences as a calculated act of vengeance soon evolves into a tangled web of emotions, as their contractual marriage begins to blur the lines between reality and pretense. Can love blossom amidst the turmoil of hidden truths and familial discord?

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

Featuring The Red Sleeve‘s Lee Se Young and up-and-coming actor Bae In Hyuk, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is a time-travel romantic comedy centered on Park Yeon-yoo (Lee Se-young), a widowed woman from the Joseon era who unexpectedly finds herself transported to the present day.

After falling into a well, she awakens in the year 2023, where she becomes entangled in a sham marriage with Kang Tae-ha (Bae In-hyuk), a man who bears a striking resemblance to her late husband and shares the same name.

The Story of Park's Marriage Contract couple poster

My Perfect Stranger

In My Perfect Stranger, Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo portray a reporter and a writer, respectively, who mysteriously travel back in time to the year 1987 and become stranded there. Yoon Hae-joon (Kim Dong-wook) endeavors to uncover the truth behind a string of murders, aiming to prevent further tragedies, while Baek Yoon-young (Jin Ki-joo) endeavors to thwart her parents’ marriage, hoping to prevent her own existence and the struggles of her future life.

Though their objectives initially appear unrelated, they soon discover a surprising connection between them.

My Perfect Stranger

Durian’s Affair

Catch the melodramatic fantasy where two women from a noble family in the past, inadvertently travel to the year 2023, appearing at Dan’s family villa, also the richest family in Korea. The two women reunited with the men they loved, who are amongst the Dan family in the present.

This month, you’re going to stay glued on Viu for exciting new stories to watch!

Bitter Sweet Hell

Don’t miss Kim Hee Sun in the upcoming dark comedy Bitter Sweet Hell as Noh Young-won, Korea’s leading family psychiatrist. Young-won lives what seems to be a perfect life with her accomplished doctor husband (Kim Nam-hee), her renowned crime novelist mother-in-law (Lee Hye Young), and her prosecutor father (Kwon Hae Hyo).

However, their idyllic existence takes a dark turn when Se-na (Yeonwoo) mysteriously enters their lives, triggering a series of tragic events. Determined to shield her family, Young-won joins forces with her mother-in-law to unravel the hidden secrets lurking within her family members. Can she confront the harsh realities concealed beneath the facade of perfection?

High School Return of a Gangster

This series is a fantasy drama centered around Kim Deuk-pal (Lee Seo Jin), a 47-year-old gangster with aspirations of attending college. Through a twist of fate, he finds himself inhabiting the body of 18-year-old high school student Song Yi-heon (Yoon Chan-young), who is struggling with thoughts of suicide due to severe bullying.

As Deuk-pal adapts to Yi-heon’s life, he uncovers the extent of the bullying endured by the young boy. Determined to intervene, Deuk-pal forms a bond with Choi Se-kyung (Bong Jae-hyun), a seemingly flawless student who is a victim of domestic abuse at home.

Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale

Discover the collision of a love cynic and a hopeless romantic in the romantic comedy Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale, starring Pyo Ye Jin and Lee Jun Young as the lead stars.

Moon Cha-min, a wealthy CEO skeptical of love, crosses paths with his new manager, Shim Jae-rim, who harbors dreams of finding her prince charming to escape her humble beginnings. As Jae-rim navigates the corporate world, she finds empowerment and joy in her newfound independence. However, as they say, opposites often attract – witness the slow-burning romance between Cha-min and Jae-rim unfold.

The Player 2: Master of Swindler

Don’t miss the return of Song Seung Heon in the eagerly awaited sequel The Player 2: Master of Swindlers on Viu!

Joining the cast are fresh faces portrayed by Oh Yeon Seo (A Korean Odyssey) and Jang Gyu Ri (Cheer Up), as this gripping heist drama assembles a team of top-notch experts from various backgrounds – including con artists, computer hackers, fighters, and getaway drivers. Together, they set their sights on the wealthy and corrupt, aiming to reclaim ill-gotten gains acquired through nefarious means. Prepare for exhilarating action as these master swindlers take matters of justice into their own hands.

Perfect Family

Derived from a well-loved webtoon, the Viu Original Perfect Family unfolds as a captivating mystery drama, where the seemingly flawless world of a family collapses when their exemplary daughter becomes implicated in a murder case.

Seon-hee (played by Park Ju Hyun) shocks her mother (Yoon Se Ah) by confessing to a crime she didn’t commit, shouldering the blame for her friend Soo-yeon (Choi Ye Bin). As the plot thickens and doubts emerge, the family’s hidden skeletons emerge, unmasking a disturbing reality lurking beneath their perfect exterior.


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