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JUNE 2024 KOREAN DRAMAS: “Player 2: Master of Swindlers”, “My Sweet Mobster”, “Miss Night and Day”, “The Whirlwind” & More

Joining the robust roster of stories on K-Dramaland are fascinating series top-billed by reliable actors.

June 2024 Korean Dramas feature diverse narratives for all ages and preferences.

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What’s Currently Airing?


Dare To Love Me (KBS2)
Crash (ENA) *Finale June 18


Uncle Samsik (Disney+) *Finale June 19
Frankly Speaking (JTBC) *Finale June 6
High School Return of a Gangster (TVING)


Bitter Sweet Hell (MBC)
Connection (SBS)
Dreaming of Freaking Fairytale (TVING)


Missing Crown Prince (MBN) *Finale June 16
The Atypical Family (tvN) *Finale June 9
The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (tvN)

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Coming Up: June 2024 Korean Dramas

Player 2: Master of Swindlers | June 03 | tvN

Song Seung Heon is all psyched in the eagerly awaited sequel, The Player 2: Master of Swindlers! This exciting heist drama introduces new characters played by Oh Yeon Seo (A Korean Odyssey) and Jang Gyu Ri (Cheer Up).

The story brings together top-notch experts, including con artists, computer hackers, fighters, and getaway drivers, as they team up to rob the rich and corrupt of their illicitly gained wealth. Don’t miss the heart-pounding action as these master swindlers deliver their own brand of justice.

Hierarchy | June 07 | Netflix

Get ready to step into the prestigious corridors of Jooshin High School, where wealth and status reign supreme, and every corner holds a hidden secret.

Premiering on June 7, Hierarchy offers a fresh twist on the classic high school drama genre.

Directed by Bae Hyeon-jin (known for Start-Up, Big Mouth, and Alchemy of Souls) and written by Chu Hye-mi (About Time), the series unfolds in a prestigious private high school governed by a strict social hierarchy that mirrors the corruption found in adult society. The teaser reveals a world where the affluent offspring hold sway with their wealth and social standing.

Featuring a cast of talented new actors, led by Roh Jeong Eui (Badland Hunters, Our Beloved Summer) as Jung Jae-i, the school’s reigning queen, and Lee Chae Min (Crash Course in Romance, Alchemy of Souls) as Kang Ha, the scholarship transfer who disrupts their world. Kim Jae Won (King the Land, Our Blues) portrays Kim Ri-an, Jae-i’s boyfriend and the school’s king. Chi Hae Won and Lee Won Jeong round out the popular students as Yoon He-ra and Lee Woo-jin, respectively.

My Sweet Mobster | June 12 | JTBC

The series is a romance filled with twists and turns and excitement between a man who has come to terms with his dark past, and a woman who is fond of children.

In My Sweet Mobster, Uhm Tae Goo takes on the role of Seo Ji-hwan, who has put an end to his past as a gangster boss and returned as the CEO of the social enterprise. Ji-hwan is a character who travels all over Korea, disbanding organizations and recruiting members who have been released from prison, leading them to new lives.

Han Sun Hwa plays the role of Go Eun-ha, a kids’ video content creator also known as ‘Minnie Unni.’ She is a person who wants to spread her love and happiness to children, which springs from her memories of a neighborhood oppa, who was the only one who played with her when she was young.

Miss Night and Day | June 15 | JTBC

Miss Night and Day revolves around a job seeker who finds herself aging rapidly overnight, and the intricate tale of a talented prosecutor entangled in her life.

In the series, Jung Eun Ji (portraying Lee Mi-jin), a woman in her twenties, finds herself aging decades overnight, suddenly appearing in her fifties with each sunrise. Seizing this bizarre opportunity, she applied for a senior internship under the alias Lim Soon (Lee Jung Eun), successfully securing a position she had long desired.

As an intern working alongside Prosecutor Gye Ji-woong (Choi Jin Hyuk), a dedicated workaholic, Mi-jin faces the challenge of adapting to social life under the watchful eye of Prosecutor Gye, who views her as his natural adversary.

Perfect Family | June 22 | MBN

Based on a popular webtoon, Perfect Family is a captivating mystery drama that follows the unraveling of a seemingly ideal family when their exemplary daughter gets involved in a murder case.

Seon-hee (Park Ju Hyun) confesses to her mother (Yoon Se Ah) about a murder she didn’t commit, taking the fall for her friend Soo-yeon (Choi Ye Bin). As the mysteries deepen and suspicions grow, the family’s dark secrets come to light, exposing the chilling reality behind their perfect image.

DNA Lover | June 22 |TV Chosun

This series follows Han So-jin, a genetic researcher who has failed in many relationships and ultimately discovers her true self through genetics. This romantic comedy, engaging all five senses, explores the journey of finding a partner.

DNA Lover brings together director Seong Chi-wook, known for Tomorrow and Kairos, and writer Jeong Su-mi of Born Again, promising unique storytelling and a fresh take on romance. With sensuous direction and tight composition, it offers a limited-edition romance that appeals to viewers of all ages and genders, thrilling their senses.

The cast includes Choi Si Won, Jung In Sun, Lee Tae Hwan, and Jung Yu Jin, who will lead this innovative ‘5th generation romantic comedy’.

The Whirlwind | June 28 | Netflix

Set against the backdrop of South Korea’s turbulent political scene, The Whirlwind chronicles the intense conflict between the prime minister and the deputy prime minister, each pursuing their own objectives. The stakes soar when the prime minister plots to assassinate the president, igniting a fierce power struggle that threatens to engulf the nation.

Premiering on June 28, this 12-episode series marks the return of acclaimed Korean television screenwriter Park Kyung-su, embarking on his first major project in seven years. Known for previous Baeksang Arts Award-winning hits like The Chaser and Punch, The Whirlwind promises to be gripping and cerebral, filled with sharp exchanges and thought-provoking monologues.

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