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JYPE Confirms NMIXX’s Technical Difficulty Was Staged + Group Unaware Of Pre-Planned Gimmick

JYP Entertainment’s exclusive division SQU4D confirmed that NMIXX’s mishap in their viral university performance was planned.

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NMIXX is currently trending across the internet for their viral performance at the Shinhan University music festival on May 27.

While fans were seen enjoying the group’s performance, many were shocked by the sudden halt of the group’s backing or instrumental.

The incident occurred during the group’s performance for “DICE,” and in the middle of the program, NMIXX resorted to an all-out live acapella stage, which gained praise among netizens and NSWERs.

Amid the commendable feedback to their stage, others were doubtful of the mistake’s authenticity and speculated that the mishap was staged. On May 29, netizens reacted to the post claiming that NMIXX’s stage was orchestrated.

Additionally, NMIXX member Bae’s reaction to the incident seemingly fueled the fire. This caused a debate among netizens and fans. Some called out NMIXX for “faking” an incident, while others defended the girls from unnecessary criticism and hate.

Meanwhile, there were those who remained neutral regarding the situation, since some didn’t mind whether the mishap was staged or not. This was due to the fact that almost every K-pop fandom knows how skilled NMIXX members are in their live singing.

A post shared by instagram

In response to the circulating buzz surrounding NMIXX’s university performance, JYP Entertainment’s SQU4D, a division exclusively for NMIXX, has directly addressed the matters on the same day (May 29).

According to SQU4D’s statement, SQU4D had agreed with the university to stage the malfunction in order to “heighten the festival site’s atmosphere.”

It was also confirmed that this was processed with the event’s organizers and that NMIXX members weren’t informed beforehand. Furthermore, the agency apologized for the incident and for not anticipating confusion from the audience and NSWERs.

Read the agency’s full statement below:

“Hello. This is SQU4D.

We would like to let everyone know that the stage sound accident during NMIXX’s performance at the Shinhan University Festival was a pre-planned event to heighten the festival’s mood. The contents were shared with the organizers and that event-related music was also used.

However, for the sake of natural production, we would like to inform you that we did not share this plan with the NMXX members in advance.

We would like to express our sincerest apologies for not taking into account the confusion and inconvenience that this event may have caused to the audience and fans. We would like to take precautionary measures to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Once again, we apologize to the audience and fans who supported NMIXX at the festival site.

Thank you.”

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