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K-Pop Playlist: Let’s Dance!  | Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

Whether it’s dance practices, performance videos, or a special dance version for the fans, I LOVE when the choreo takes center stage!! These groups work crazy hard to make their every move look naturally effortless. I can verify, every week at my K-Pop dance classes, that these moves are NOT as easy as they look! So join me this week as I shine a spotlight on some of my favorite dances!!

WayV – ‘Poppin’ Love’ Youth Ver.

I love the casual setting and styling of this version — I think more groups need to randomly break out in dance on the local football field!! WayV has an easy-to-watch, fluid styling, and judging by the giggles, they had lots of fun performing this as well! (Don’t worry–Ten wields that badminton racquet without missing a beat OR taking out any of his fellow members!

ATEEZ – ‘Crazy Form’

You know some crazy good choreo is about to happen when ATEEZ move from their normal practice room to the local gymnasium! With crisp transitions and bold lines, these eight idols continuously prove that they are the strongest performance team in K-pop. They give their all and go hard, whether it’s a dance practice or their debut stage at Coachella!! Am I the only one out of breath just from watching this video?! 

MCND – ‘ODD-Venture’

This song was (and still is) an ear-worm for me, so I find myself looping this MV a few times before I can move on! While I usually prefer a fixed camera to take in all the details of the choreo, I loved the way they played with color and shadow in this performance version. They take advantage of their smaller group size to shift through their positions smoothly and frequently — this matches the energy of the song perfectly!

ONF – ‘Bye My Monster’

This dance practice is the epitome of watching art in motion! The quick-quick-slow pacing of the choreo contrasts their explosive power with brief pauses, allowing you to fully appreciate both their precision and extensions!! I could truly gush about every single 8-count section of this song — each moment is beautifully executed and unique!! (And I also can’t NOT mention all the foot stomps and shoe squeaks — looooove it SO much!)

ONETOP – ‘Say Yes’

I’ve been looking for the perfect time to share this variety show project group! Comprised of actors, comedians, and K-Pop celebs like Lee YiKyung, Haha, and Young K (Day6), you might not expect much in the way of choreography. After all, this eclectic group is totally unaccustomed to dancing! But to showcase their title track with its 2nd-Gen K-pop vibes, ONETOP pulled together and brought their A-game to the dance floor — SO MUCH FUN!! You can’t help but cheer them on!

BTOB – ‘Wind and Wish’

When you think of BTOB, “powerhouse vocals” is usually the first thought that comes to mind! But this group enjoys every aspect of their performances, choreo included. Their laidback dance styling matches the mood of the song impeccably. But my favorite part is that these vocalists can’t help but break out in ad libs and sing along with their song while they dance — they are having a blast with this practice!!

Seventeen – ‘Maestro’

I can’t do a post about dancing and not include THE Seventeen! This song is powerful and the choreo does not disappoint! There is something so gratifying and satisfying about watching these 13 members dance — their unison is absolutely unmatched! I love how they wove the theme of a maestro conducting an orchestra, into the elements of the individual steps, but also the movements of the group as a whole. And I HAVE to talk about the footwork beginning at 2:50, because the speed and precision is incredible AND INSANE!!! 

Special Clip: Dino (Seventeen) Dancing ‘Super’ with His Parents

I’m going to take a leap and claim that is one of THE cutest video clips on the internet! The maknae of Seventeen, Dino, and his parents take to the dance floor together and the result is both amazing and adorable. Showing off their moves to the chorus from ‘Super’, this trio proves that grooving to the rhythm runs in the family!!  

Not only an excellent and engaging form of exercise, but equally fun to watch, dance is my passion! Which K-Pop dance videos are you passionate about? Share with me in the comments below!!

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