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Koreans uncover evidence of BTS “cult” activities + “sajaegi” rumors

Article: “BTS connected to a cult? Unfounded” HYBE, “we will take legal action”

Source: Hankook Ilbo

As in-fightings with ADOR intensify, suspicions that HYBE is connected to a cult have surfaced.

On the 28th, rumors began spreading in online communities and social media that HYBE has long-standing connections with a meditation group ‘Dahn World.’ Among the affiliated labels, the schools that some of the artists of Big Hit Music, Enhypen (Heesung) and TXT (Soobin and Yeonjun) attended or are currently attending are closely related to this group and BTS members (RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) are directly involved in promoting this cult.

Suspicious are being raised that the music, design, outfits, and accessories of HYBE groups including lyrics contain the cult symbols. Koreans discovered evidence of multiple instances where BTS and TXT members were seen carrying ‘Dahn World’ symbols in their outfits, such as bears and three-legged crows, or singing songs mentioning ‘Dahn World’ beliefs such as meditative abdominal breathing.

There are also suspicions that GFriend’s’ final album song title ‘Margo‘ is a term with a religious meaning often used by the cult and the fact that Belift Lab, a HYBE affiliate, was also recently embroiled in controversy over it’s similarity to New Jeans. It’s also revealed that the title of Belift’s new girl group ILLIT Magnetic‘ is also the same as the gymnastics created by the cult. 

There are also claims that Min Hee-jin is being retaliated against by HYBE for her refusal to go along with Dahn World beliefs and evidence of this was revealed from New Jeans 2023 hit track ‘OMG‘. Min Hee-jin mentioned that she was “threatened by HYBE because of OMG music video in the katalk chats with HYBE CEO Park Ji-won” leaked at her press conference. The OMG music video takes place in a psychiatric ward with the members of New Jeans trying to escape the mental institution. Many are saying that the video symbolizes Min Hee-Jin trying to escape from HYBE’s coercions. 

Koreans also dug up BTS ‘sajaegi’ scandal in 2017 when HYBE was blackmailed by a group of four marketers who threatened to expose proofs that BTS did “sajaegi” for their singles ‘For You‘ and ‘I Need U‘ released in 2015. According to a court ruling in 2017, A sent an email to HYBE (Big Hit back then) claiming to “have evidence of BTS’ sajaegi’ and demanded 330 million won for silence.” At the time, Big Hit claimed it was ‘common marketing strategy’ but ended up paying A 57 million won “because they were afraid of damaging their artists’ reputation” in their testimony.

Meanwhile, HYBE claimed that Min Hee-jin met a shaman just minutes before her press conference. According to HYBE, Min Hee-jin consulted a female shaman to decide on major company management matters, including the military services of BTS members or who hire for the company. 

HYBE claims that they have secured lengthy transcripts of conversations between Min Hee-jin and the shaman through forensic analysis from the internal audit of ADOR. 

  1. [+2,396, -20] I don’t think BTS is the main problem right now, Bang Si-hyuk needs to come out and clarify some things right now?!
  2. [+1,576, -5] So some random cult that has nothing to do with BTS is getting BTS to promote things for them for no reason.. so why aren’t they suing or asking questions??!
  3. [+1,203, -6] HYBE is a believer of the Dahn World cult
  4. [+1,185, -9] Daebak.. finally an article about HYBE and Dahn World.. this gijanim is amazing 👍👍
  5. [+723, -3] The balls of Hankook Ilbo to publish this.. they’re not getting downvoted off the top rankings either ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
  6. [+610, -2] Everyone is asking for answers to the cult claims but HYBE is putting out statements talking about BTS like they’re the ones in a scandal.. No one is asking about BTS, clarify what happened with New Jeans ‘OMG’!!
  7. [+424, -3] This has been exploding since early morning and the article finally came out.. they’re going to delete the article and bury this.. 
  8. [+306, -] Its crazy how media are churning out articles about Min Hee-jin like crazy but they’re particularly quiet on HYBE’s cult scandal.. hmmm
  9. [+214, -1] An article finally came out.. gijanim fighting!
  10. [+205, -2] I’m still in shock that GFriend disbanded after ‘Margo’ and Le Sserafim debuted after that.. 

Additional source: Seoul Economy

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