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Le Sserafim under fire for “terrible vocals” at Coachella

Article: “Vocals are terrible..” criticisms pour out after Coachella performance…Le Sserafim Sakura “best stage”

Source: Joongang Ilbo

Le Sserafim is under fire in Korea for “terrible vocals” at Coachella.

On the 15th, Sakura expressed her feelings about the harsh criticisms of her stage writing a long message in Japanese on Weverse. She began by asking, “What does it mean to stand on stage?”

She seemed to be aware of the controversy over her abilities and stated, “Is it to show a perfect appearance, to please the audience or to complete the stage without a single mistake? Each person may have different standards. I think this stage was a wonderful day that no one could forget. I thought it was a stage where you could feel the fun. I think we created the best stage.”

“It’s been less than two years since our debut and we’ve only toured one. I enjoyed and poured my heart out on that Coachella stage. I prepared seriously, worked hard and had fun. I think I was able to show all of that the day of the performance. No one is perfect. It was the best performance I’ve ever shown. That is an unchanging fact.”

“Rather than comparing yourself to others. I want to think about whether I am better now compared to my past self. I hope you find something you truly love and only look at good things you like. I just have to live my life the way I want to live it.”

Le Sserafim performed 10 songs on stage for about 40 minutes including an unreleased new English song. However, their live performance is causing controversy for failing to meet expectations.

Overseas netizens responded to her Instagram post writing, “What happened to the vocals?” “I’m sorry but the vocals were terrible.” “I love Le Sserafim but I think Coachella is too much for them.” “I cried.” “It’s embarrassing.”

  1. [+1,418, -17] We understand you worked hard and it was difficult to get there but you’re a singer.. 2nd gen idols had nothing but their own pure strength and determination to make K-pop what it is today and vocal skills were the foundation of their talents. The least you can do, if you’re going to accept a stage to represent K-pop, is perform to the standards of your profession. Why do we have to suffer nervously because of your singing?! I’m sure you replayed back the stage and saw there was something seriously wrong with it?? I hope Le Sserafim can work to improve from now on. 
  2. [+1,090, -18] The reason people pay money to go to a concert is to see you perform, not see a bunch of chodings who can’t even sing joke around on stage? No one is asking you to “not make a single mistake,” it’s because you’ve never once shown a decent stage as it is.
  3. [+650, -16] Ah f*ck.. I’m getting a headache seeing people putting out excuses losing their brains over someone who’s failing at their profession.. she couldn’t even use her singing skills properly! She can’t even refute itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but its, “I’m sad, I tried my best…” There’s a lot of videos of your lacking stages and yet no actual changes.
  4. [+482, -7] No one is perfect, you’re right, but there are minimum standards the public expects you to meet. Unfortunately, your level is so low that you don’t meet even the basic of standards. Instead of stubbornly praising yourself over your sh*t talents and acting like you did wrong, look back at yourself sincerely. Don’t brush off the criticisms as malicious hate. Prove to us regular folk that you are worth the fame and money cushions. It’s important to be objective and self aware of your limits and make efforts to improve. 
  5. [+388, -13] Kura-ya, maybe start by staying quiet.. you’ll be halfway there at least.. he he
  6. [+245, -3] It’s your job so you should be good at it! The rest of us get kicked if we’re bad at our jobs.
  7. [+140, -2] Ah..another bubble.. too much fame and fans compared to their level of talent 
  8. [+135, -2] If you want to have fun, go to a noraebang and use your own money.. don’t expect us to pay for such a sh*t stage
  9. [+100, -1] Sakura-chan.. for someone who’s debuted 3 times.. your skills are the worst of them all
  10. [+72, -1] Sakura-ya, it’s been 10 years since your debut.. 
  11. [+51, -1] Source Music seriously needs to reflect.. if they’re going to be under a huge agency like HYBE the least they can do is not ruin the legacy BTS left behind for K-pop. There are so many reviews saying how terrible their singers and dancers are.
  12. [+44, -0] Ah of course.. the typical mental of a Japanese.. 

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