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Netflix Unveils Fresh Japanese Romance Series Featuring Shun Oguri, Han Hyo Joo, Yuri Nakamura, and Jin Akanishi

Netflix has revealed plans for a new romance series from Japan, boasting a diverse cast and talent pool drawn from across Asia and beyond.

Based on the acclaimed French film Les Émotifs anonymes (English: *Romantics Anonymous*), which won the Audience Award at the French Film Festival in Japan in 2011, the upcoming series promises an enchanting fusion of romance and humor.

The narrative unfolds with a serendipitous encounter between a man and a woman united by their shared passion for chocolate. However, both grapple with their own anxiety disorders—while the man struggles with physical touch, the woman finds making eye contact daunting. This juxtaposition adds complexity and charm to their burgeoning relationship.

The series stars talents from Japan and Korea, including Shun Oguri as the male lead, Han Hyo Joo as the female protagonist. Oguri portrays Sosuke Fujiwara, heir to the renowned chocolate shop “Le Sauveur,” burdened by germophobia stemming from a traumatic past.

Han embodies Hana Lee, a gifted chocolatier concealing her identity from her colleagues as she battles social anxieties. Yuri Nakamura joins as Irene, a psychologist aiding Sosuke and Hana, while grappling with her own personal demons. Lastly, Jin Akanishi plays Hiro Takada, a bar owner and a figure from Hana’s past.

Directed by Sho Tsukikawa, known for his romantic films, and boasting production design by Lee Ha Jun (Parasite), this collaboration marks the first Japanese series from YONG FILM, renowned for their diverse and skillfully crafted projects.

Here’s what the stars had to say about their involvement:

“When I received the offer, I was drawn to the tightly crafted plot and clear vision of the project. With an incredible cast and crew assembled, I eagerly dove into the work. We’re now diligently navigating the nuances between Japanese and Korean languages, striving to enhance the project. I’m thrilled to continue this journey with such a fantastic team and deliver excitement to the viewers.” – Shun Oguri

“It’s been exhilarating to return to a Japanese project after some time. Collaborating with our Korean team of producers, along with the art, editing, and music directors, has been a joy. Despite the challenges of this collaborative effort, I’ve cherished every moment working with the director, my co-stars, and our staff. With the enthusiasm of a newcomer, I’m committed to giving my all for the viewers and making this series exceptional. Your support means everything.” – Han Hyo Joo

“Despite outward appearances, everyone has their struggles. This romantic comedy portrays the comedic desperation of adults. Working with a diverse cast and staff has underscored the importance of communication, especially in our remote work setup. I’ve been deeply inspired by the passion and positivity of Han Hyo-Joo and our Korean colleagues. We’re eager to deliver something truly special.” – Yuri Nakamura

“I’m genuinely thrilled to be part of this collaborative project between Korea and Japan. Despite language and cultural barriers, I’m enjoying this enriching experience. The dedication of the Korean staff to improve their Japanese is commendable. Hana’s endearing character adds an extra layer of charm to the series. Sit back, relax, and enjoy everyone’s performances!” – Jin Akaishi

The series, currently in production, is set to debut on Netflix in 2025.


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