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November 2023 Best Kpop Comebacks & Debuts – Ash Talks Kpop

I started listening to my November playlist pretty early into November. So it really wasn’t until the second half of the month I fell off, lol. But it felt a bit mid this month. I wasn’t that thrilled with Stray Kids, WayV, ZEROBASEONE, or VIXX’s releases.

So that was disappointing for me. It felt like there was really only one or two songs off albums I really liked and saved. Not a lot of full length or mini albums from start to finish that I was wild about.

So let’s jump into it!

Weeekly – ColoRise

So far, ColoRise is my favorite album of Weeekly’s. It’s chill and fun at the same time. I haven’t decided on a favorite song from the album. But my top three are “Odyssey”, “Vroom Vroom”, and “Ruby-Duby-Du”.

I love this sound for them. I hope they continue it.

VIVIZ – Versus

They still don’t miss. “Manic” feels similar to “Vroom Vroom” in them both being midtempo bright songs and that’s probably why I love both vibes so much.

“Overflow” and “Up 2 Me” tie for my favorite song off VERSUS. “Manic” is my third fave song. I need to listen through this album again.

I remembered the time thinking it was an ight mini album. Compared to their previous releases. But before I do my fave albums, I’ll give this one another listen through and see if I still feel lukewarm on it.

HyunA – Attitude

AHHHHHHHHH I’m so salty, this song isn’t on Spotify. From my first listen, I was HOOKED. I love the visuals, choreography, all of it.

It feels like a new Hyuna era is coming, and I’m here for it. Someone in the comments of “Attitude” said it was giving Madonna, and it really does in all the best ways.

I feel like this is gonna be popular in gay clubs.

OMEGA X – Touch

Finally got an OMEGA X song I like, and that’s “Touch”. I’ve been waiting on the moment for years now, it feels, lol. “Touch” is a completely different sound from what they’ve been releasing. I wish I had a title track from them that I loved, maybe that’s on the way.

But “Touch” is also a midtempo track with a bit of house elements to it. I want more like this from them. I’m hooked.


“TTG” was my favorite from this album, Born to be XX. It’s a good to have on in background. The chorus reminds me a bit of early 00s pop.

This is the first release of theirs I’ve really enjoyed, so I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

&TEAM – First Howling: NOW

Yoooooo I love this album. I mentioned in my update article that I loved that all their previous songs like “Firework” (both Korean and Japanese versions) were finally all in one place. And it’s just a fun time from start to finish.

I hate to be that guy, but if you like Enhypen’s darker concepts like “Given-Taken” you’ll enjoy this and First Howling: NOW. I will be following their music closer for sure. I’m here for it.

SOYEON of (G)I-DLE, WINTER of aespa, LIZ of IVE – Nobody

A fooking banger. I just love everything about this song, vocals, lyrics, concept, video, styling, ALL OF IT. It’s much better than I expected it to be when it was first announced. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. I really hope this starts the trend of more collabs like this.

3YE – Loco

It’s a tune. I don’t really don’t have much else to say on other than that. I feel like so much of this month’s music sounds like this, but it’s a vibe.

ENHYPEN – Orange Blood

Oh yeah, speaking of Enha, I forgot “Sweet Venom” dropped this month. It’s a good song. I never listen to the English version of it. This album feels like Manifesto pt 2 in a way. It’s fine. But nothing I’ve gone back to.

I forgot to say it in my Kpop Wishlist article, but I want them to come back to Atlanta too. I miss them.

DEAN – Die 4 U

Return of the king for real for real. I didn’t really have any sound in particular I wanted from Dean. I do like when he slows things down like this. I missed his music videos. Each one is so unique and strange. I love it. One of the best parts of 2023 musically.

I’d love for him to release more music in 2024, but I guess we gotta wait and see.


Better than I expected. I wasn’t familiar with his work when he was in Treasure (?),it is Treasure but I’m leaving that in, lol. but I’m here for this. “Come To Me” is my favorite song from ONLY ONE. “Hebeolle” is probably my second favorite song.

I’ll be looking out for his future work. I like his voice and this musical direction he’s going in. And I love when idols get out of their garbage companies and get to make art that better aligns with their vision and schedule.

We kinda have to stan.

ATBO – Mayday

Awww it’s been a minute since the ATBO lads made a track I loved. I knew instantly I was gonna listen to “Mayday” a lot. I love a good bright concept.

I also love the styling in this performance video.

Taeyeon – To.X

I’ve popped in randomly into Taeyeon’s solo music. I was surprised to find a few songs from To. X that I loved and added to my chill K-pop playlist.

“To.X” and “Nightmare” got me feeling like maybe I should go back and listen to more from her. I was keeping up more with her back in 2015 and 2016, but really from 2017 onwards, I dropped off. Time to change my ways. I think I’m ready.

Dino – Wait


What a tuneeeee. I figured I’d enjoy Dino’s solo, but I wasn’t expecting “Wait” to slap so hard. I love this music video. The choreo of course is great. Yeah, this is gonna be on repeat.

November genuinely feels like it was six months ago for me. So much (positively) has changed, and I feel like a different person since I first started working on this article.

I know it’s late, but I hope November was a good month for you, or you at least had good moments during it. Let me know what songs you were listening to this month?

I’m a bit behind schedule, but next is December faves ❄️

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Take care!


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