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[Review] Armageddon – aespa

Two weeks ago, aespa made a home run with their first title track Supernova from their first studio album, Armageddon. If you want proof of that home run, just check out the South Korean charts. Today, the group officially drops that studio album and unveiled their second title track from the album – also titled as Armageddon.

Supernova definitely got me super excited for Armageddon. But the couple of listens I have given the new song before and whilst writing this review has left me perplexed. Armageddon sees its stronger points come in much later, leaving the earlier parts of the song to feel dull and unexciting. We kick off Armageddon with some suspenseful and deep vibrating synths, which makes the first step into Armageddon feel very aespa. From there, we get into the first verse, which served the first sign that the song feels rather tame and not as vivid as their former tracks. The synths don’t have much punch to them, and the members’ delivery wasn’t memorable. The pre-chorus (i.e., the ‘Bang Chitty Bang Bang‘) was a good (yet abrupt) uptick in momentum, which I had hoped the track followed through with. But unfortunately, we get a slowed down anti-drop chorus that makes Armageddon feel sluggish and weak. I think the intention of Armageddon‘s chorus was to be more intriguing and mysterious thanks to the hypnotic and exotic motif that aespa brings to life in the chorus. But I don’t think it works as well as the producers had hoped. As for the hooks, I do think there is potential for it to grow on me. But it is too soon to tell if that is the case. For the second verses, we get a taste of powerful vocals from the group. But the resulting product is more so the same as the first verse. Armageddon does get better once we hit the bridge. We get more of that fluidity with melodies in the vocal centric beginning. This is followed with a cool and impactful ‘Throw It back‘ breakdown (my favourite part of the song), before we launch back into the chorus. Interesting to note, the chorus does sound much better following that breakdown. The outro, whilst using the same hook as the chorus, does close out the song in a more energetic manner than earlier in the song. Overall, Armageddon doesn’t live up to the hype and standard that I had set for it. More could have done earlier in Armageddon to make it a stronger piece.

What aespa didn’t deliver in the song aspect of this release, they did in the music video. The visuals in this music video are phenomenal, particularly the montage where they looked very much like goddesses. Their casual look also looks amazing. The members’ closeup throughout the video brings out an intense vibe, and this is felt through other aspects of the video. The post-production was indeed quite cool, as well. It was all very aesthetic. In terms of a story line, my guess is that aespa bring about the Armageddon one way or another.

The choreography for this comeback is also superb. While I am not a fan of the chorus in a music sense, the routine that accompanies it looks very cool. The combination of the wavy and sharp movements looks quite catchy and this bleeds into the other parts of the choreography, as I saw snippets of wavy or sharp throughout the video. The ‘Throw It Back‘ parts and the final chorus are also equally powerful moments in the routine that I can’t wait to see on stage.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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