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[Review] Killin’ It – P1Harmony

In addition to pre-release and other promotional tracks, I have a backlog of title tracks and debuts to get through. P1Harmony’s February comeback with Killin’ It (the song) is a victim in this backlog. So much so, it has been haunting me constantly at the back of my mind every time I go and review another song that isn’t it. But today, I am finally getting around to writing its review. Killin’ It is also the title of their first studio album, which I will be reviewing at a later date. It follows on from their 2023 JUMP comeback, which is featured on the mini-album HARMONY: ALL IN.

P1Harmony goes loud and striking in Killin’ It, The group keeps to their usual genre of choice for their title tracks, hip-hop, with a side of attitude and playfulness that feels very much like a P1Harmony track. Killin’ It‘s instrumental features both a clangy and brass-like motif, both of which comes together cohesively to create that loud and striking nature that I already mentioned. I would have liked a bit more variety in the backing of Killin’ It to give it more depth and colour, but it is decent enough as it is. Killin’ It‘s chorus was also quite loud, with the layering of the members shouty delivery coming off quite defined and bold. It is catchy and addictive, hence why Killin’ It has remained on my mind ever since its release. The rapping delivery elsewhere in Killin’ It is definitely a highlight, giving off that P1Harmony attitude and personality quite well. The vocals were also decent once we got to those parts and helped smooth a bit out Killin’ It. Otherwise, the aforementioned rapping and shouty chorus could have been too much. I do feel like the song does lack that something extra to really have it break ground. It is good and all, but a little bit more (perhaps some electric guitar riffs) could have taken Killin’ It to the next level.

In the lead up to the comeback, the group dropped a teaser that featured news report about a mysterious change to humanity where peace had suddenly came about. The teaser then sees P1Harmony come out of nowhere to disrupt said peace (taking someone’s doughnut and crashing one of the news reporters’ live feed). I am not entirely sure how the music video fits in, but I am going to take a guess. While the music video doesn’t reference the events of the teaser as much until the very end of the video where P1Harmony is being interviewed and questioned about being heroes, the video does see more of that disruption of peace. P1Harmony attempts underground dentistry, change up a game of curling and set of sparks that is bound to cause some subtle chaos in the world. Most particular to the profession of dentistry, the sport of curling and the peacefulness of the night sky. Now, I am sure there is a proper explanation to the video, as the above is just my wild guess. But I do like what we immediately get from the video is a portrayal the attitude and playful side of song.

Two things strike me when I watched the performance for P1Harmony. Firstly (and this is also reflected in the music video) was the styling of the group. Everywhere I look, I see a lot of praise of the styling for this comeback and I agree with that! The second aspect is how fun the performance looks.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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