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[Review] Lose My Breath – Stray Kids ft. Charlie Puth

I know I haven’t been covering any international songs as of late. There also hasn’t been an International Songs Review post yet this year. Those posts will be restarted soon. But in the meanwhile, I will be continuing my alternative approach of covering certain international releases in the standard song review post. I know I was supposed to review another release ahead of this one, but I have decided to push ahead with Stray Kids’ Lose My Breath (ft. Charlie Puth). Lose My Breath was released on 10 May 2024 and serves as the group’s first official English single.

If you are not aware, Lose My Breath has been the top ranking non-Korean song for a couple of weeks now on my Weekly KPOP Charts, and it has ranked in high positions on the charts. So it is probably safe to say that I do like the song. However, time has been on its side. My initial thoughts on Lose My Breath weren’t exactly the most positive. It took me a couple of listens to make out the members’ individual voices. Because everyone sang so high up, everyone (including Charlie Puth) sounded so alike. For a group like Stray Kids who do have distinct voices, this stripped the semblance of personality and individuality from the song. When I did manage to make out everyone’s voices, Changbin’s stood out the most. He sounded so good (and was very disappointed upon realizing that he had the least amount of lines in the song). The neutral gear of Lose My Breath was interesting aspect of the song. While it did allow for a more melodic approach to the song, I also felt it made Lose My Breath too similar through and through. Even the bridge, which had Charlie Puth (in his version) do something oomph to his delivery, didn’t alleviate the similar sound. It was a similar case in the Stray Kids version, with the rapping in the bridge. But as mentioned above, Lose My Breath has definitely grown on me and I do appreciate it a lot more now. The melodic approach that we hear allows Stray Kids to explore a more mature and emotional sound. The softer instrumental also support this direction, with the guitar riff being my favourite (and most memorable aspect of the song). You can feel the delicate and vulnerable state of the group via their vocals, particularly in the pre-choruses and choruses. And over time, the melody has ear-wormed its way into my mind and I find myself humming out the melody.

Based on what I can gather, Stray Kids portray merpeople in the music video. Based on the lyrics of Lose My Breath, they are experiencing the emotions of love and longing for someone, giving them enough reason to escape the ocean and go onto land. With that in mind, it makes sense for a recurring presence of water in the video and gives context to some of the styling that the members are donning throughout the video (i.e., the white outfits and ear attachments). It also explains the scene in which Felix is struggling until he and the other members finds water. The only part I was bit unsure about are the fireworks at the end. I might be reading too much into it, but I did feel the sound effects and presence of fireworks was only there to close out the visual media and didn’t add much substance to the video itself.

Stray Kids did well and I like how the choreography felt approachable, compared to their harder choreographies that they perform for their Korea/Japan comebacks. I quite liked the contrasting parts of the choreography, which demonstrated balance and complemented the music well. There were a mixture of sharper moves that felt snappy and gave the performance some oomph vs. slower moves that felt dragged out.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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