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SME denies sex scandal rumors involving NCT’s Haechan & Johnny (and others), women allegedly involved brag on social media – Asian Junkie

Alrighty, because many seem to be confused by what’s going on and have asked for it, here’s what’s transpired in the alleged sex scandal involving NCT members Haechan and Johnny (and others).


A couple days ago, Haechan and Johnny were accused of sleeping with three Japanese women by a Twitter account @kira_ceo_main, who claimed the five of them had group sex together. The account supposedly belongs to a prominent figure in the Japanese nightlife industry, who facilitates connections for women seeking work in host bars with top-tier clients. They alleged that the girls were cabaret hostesses, but the tweet was taken down shortly after (apparently by request).

A bunch of photo evidence was attached to the tweet, which came from the social media accounts of the alleged women who were with the two NCT members. They include the girls posing with a hotel room key (of the hotel that Haechan did a livestream from earlier), a picture from their alleged room of the night (five of everything on the table), and a photo of alleged NCT sasaengs waiting outside their hotel.

In the captions of these, the girls themselves are bragging about sleeping with the two members.

  • Hotel Room Key Picture: “Ah, I think I might die. Save me LOL. Johnny and Haechan put their d*cks in me.
  • Room Atmosphere Picture: “It turned out to be Johnny and Haechan LOL. Imma die. They put their dicks in.
  • Sasaengs Outside Picture: “Love to see it. I’m really sorry, but while you guys were waiting there, I had Johnny and Haechan stick their dicks in me. Sorry~”

One of the alleged women, Miu, is said to be a fan of Doyoung. She’s supposedly been studying in Korea for the last three months, and perhaps most interestingly has posted a text convo alleged had between her and Johnny.

  • Miu: “It’s Miu! Oppa, it was fun today. Let’s drink again next time.”
  • Johnny: “Kekeke okay. Text me.”
  • Miu: “When is the next time you will come to Japan? Hehe.”
  • Johnny: “March 8.”
  • Miu: “Oh! Let’s meet then. Hehe.”

NCT 127 were confirmed to fly into Japan on March 8 for a concert on March 9.

She also once posted a convo with a friend where she was enticed to go out by NCT’s inclusion.

  • Friend: “Apparently NCT is coming today. Can you come? All of them will come.”
  • Miu: “Is it confirmed?”
  • Friend: “Yeah, it is.”

She later posted a photo saying only Jungwoo came out.

Another alleged woman involved, Rio, is supposedly a fan of Mark and has posted pictures of herself at NCT concerts before. There were also a bunch of other dubiously sourced rumors associated with her (as opposed to the rest that came from their own social media).

Needless to say, people were going nuts online over this with reactions ranging from denial to outrage.


Fans had obviously called for SM Entertainment to respond to the rumors, and they did so, denying Haechan and Johnny’s involvement with the rumors.

At present, groundless rumors about Johnny and Haechan regarding prostitution, drugs, and other shocking content that is difficult to even say out loud are currently being spread and reproduced indiscriminately online. After checking, these rumors are completely false, and they are criminal acts that severely defame our artists’ character.
Additionally, false, groundless rumors and malicious libel related to these [rumors] continue to be produced about not only NCT but other artists in our agency, including Kim Heechul.
We have already gathered plenty of evidence regarding many posts related to this, and we will not sit back and watch. Regardless of nationality, we plan to make sure that the perpetrators of these acts will be legally punished, with no settlements or leniency.

Alright, fair enough.


Though it doesn’t seem to have discouraged one of the alleged girls involved, Rio, who went on Instagram Live to talk about the allegations.

“‘Did you really do a five-way?‘ Since there are many fans of Korean idols [tuning in], yeah, the comments are all in Korean. This is the first time I’m getting so many Korean comments. Not all of it are untrue. A portion of it is true. As for which part is true and which part is a lie, I want to tell you guys that you guys can figure it out for yourself, but since the company is denying it, well, you guys can just believe them then. ‘Does Johnny speak English or Korean during intercourse?‘ LOL. You’re the worst LOL. I want to deny drugs and prostitution. ‘You guys are not the only ones making up things.’ Well, I know that, but don’t you think that we know more than you? So, so what? LOL. ‘You’ve shown us enough of your bust, so show us the bottom too.‘ I only want to show it to Korean idols. We didn’t receive money from then. No get money.”

So she denies being involved in prostitution and drugs, but claims part of the controversy is true, and judging by what they’ve said in the past, that obviously relates to their sex scandal talk about them.


Oh right, as if that wasn’t enough, as mentioned in SME’s statement, Super Junior‘s Heechul has also been dragged into this. Netizens accused him of setting up the meeting with the women because one of them had previously posted about meeting him at a drinking meeting.

Heechul quickly denied any involvement.

On June 4, 2024, Heechul responded to the issue directly. A fan had sent him a message on Dear U Bubble saying “Heechul, just what have you been doing in Japan?” He quickly denied having met the NCT members outside of work.
“I’ve been keeping an eye on it anyway. I’m worried I’ll cause an incident on Instagram again, so I’ve just been talking to the company. I’m going to give a brief statement here in case you guys will worry or be disappointed. I’ve never met nor had a meal or drunk with any of our company juniors outside of work before. I don’t even have their contact numbers.”

Netizens found contradictory evidence to this from the past, however, as by his own words on Bubble he sought to meetup with NCT‘s Jaehyun, GOT7‘s Yugyeom, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, and BTS‘s Jungkook, and they drank a ton together. He also told fans about EXO‘s Baekhyun texting him, which showed he had their numbers.

That might be too literal an interpretation, though.


Regardless, people will believe who they want to believe, I suppose.

Though at least we got funny quotes and memes out of this one.

Han Seo Hee’s reign is over.

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