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Tang Wei, Bae Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Choi Woo Shik Dish on Their Experience Working on “Wonderland”

The much-awaited K-movie Wonderland is finally getting released.

On May 9, the press conference for Wonderland was held in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, which was attended by director Kim Tae Yong and actors Tang Wei, Bae Suzy, Park Bo Gum, and Choi Woo Shik. Actress Jung Yu Mi couldn’t attend due to health issues.

Talking about what makes Wonderland different from other sci-fi movies, director Kim Tae Yong said, “There are many stories that deal with [the theme of] death and fantasy stories that depict the afterlife. I wanted this story to be close to reality. I hoped it would convey a sense of contemporaneity, portraying feasible or near-future scenarios. I extensively discussed and sought advice on the current state and development of artificial intelligence, and how our lives will change [because of it] with a professor.”

Tang Wei, who collaborated with her husband, director Kim Tae Yong, revealed the reason for joining the cast: “I was waiting for the opportunity to work with director Kim again, and when I liked the idea of the movie, I chose it. I prepared a lot for the character. I met a Chinese archaeologist and listened to their stories.” She also said, “We [the director and I] usually discuss movies, characters, and personalities during our conversations. He is a workaholic person and tends to work meticulously. So do I. I am also a very meticulous person, so I think it is very fortunate we worked together [on this movie]. If someone else had worked with me [on this movie], it might have been quite difficult for them.”

Director Kim said, “Working together as a couple is an amazing experience. We shot on set, and when we went home, work continued. It felt like working 24 hours because we would discuss things we couldn’t at the filming set at home.” He added, “Tang Wei is a very meticulous actress. Since Bai Li’s profession is an archaeologist, there were more archaeology books at home than film-related ones, and the child actor who played our daughter was almost always at our house. Working with my wife was a great help.”

Talking about working with Bae Suzy for the first time in a K-movie Park Bo Gum said, “Working in a movie after always working [together] as Baeksang emcees is a first for us. When I read the script for Wonderland and thought about the character Jeong In, Suzy seemed like a perfect fit.”

Suzy described her character Jeong In, saying, “When Tae Joo falls into unconsciousness due to an accident, Jeong In misses him so much that she turns to Wonderland. She finds comfort by seeing Tae Joo in Wonderland and lives happily. However, when the

call ends, she feels longing and gets confused.” She also highlighted, “Among the things the director mentioned on set, what struck me the most was how communication between humans is the most difficult. I always kept that thought in mind while acting.”

Choi Woo Shik, who plays rookie planner Hyun Soo in Wonderland, expressed, “Following a variety show with [Jung] Yu Mi noona, I got to work on a production with her. This also feels like a challenge. I was curious about what kind of chemistry and synergy I would have when acting together with someone I’m really close to.”

Director Kim Tae Yong said about Jung Yu Mi, “Jung Yu Mi was the first person I thought of [for the role of Hye Ri]. She gives a vibe of a trustworthy person like you should buy whatever she’s selling. I thought she would express the trust that transcends humans and machines well.”


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