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“The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” Episodes 7 and 8

Instead of calculating things and making rational decisions, our star instructor heroine settles to follow her heart this time, be it at work or in her dating life.

A lot of people are watching her closely, waiting for an opportunity to take her down. But for now, our heroine needs to stop thinking and just enjoy the ride.

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The Midnight Romance in Hagwon Episodes 7 and 8 Highlights

“You must have misunderstood me.”

A flustered Hye-jin pulls away from the kiss. Shocked at what happened between them, Hye-jin comes up with whatever excuses to stay away from Joon-ho. However, Joon-ho stands by his confession. He likes Hye-jin and won’t take those words back. Even if Hye-jin switches academies or flies to the moon, nothing will change for Joon-ho.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I clearly said my feelings were sincere.”

Joon-ho might be pushing too hard. Yet perhaps his straightforward approach is the only way to climb over Hye-jin’s walls. The next day, Hye-jin acts as if nothing happened and treats Joon-ho as usual. But he isn’t taking it. Joon-ho made himself clear. Age difference, their history together. For all he cares. So, Joon-ho wants Hye-jin to forget everything and just be honest. Whatever decision she makes, Joon-ho will accept it if that is how Hye-jin really feels.

Hye-jin might be still hesitant to follow through with her feelings. But we can see she isn’t unaffected by Joon-ho’s moves. Be it opening up to him about her worries, smiling when he buys her groceries and drives her home, or giddily waiting for his texts. Can anyone even blame her? Joon-ho might be a bit pushy, but he is also very sweet. How can anyone, Hye-jin included, resist his charm?

“There is a kid I want to teach.”

Touched by Spy Student, Lee Si-woo’s (Cha Kang-yoon) words about admiring her class, Hye-jin resolves to stay at the academy. (She can’t quit after having Si-woo switch academies and get on Witch Director’s bad side.) Rather than the fancy title and hefty salary, Hye-jin wants to follow her heart and teach Si-woo. Which is a good sentiment and all. Yet I also wish Hye-jin would include some clauses in her contract to protect herself from getting stabbed in the back again.

“Can you not fall for Joon-ho? Tell me if there is a way.”

On the outside, Hye-jin tries to act cool. But on the inside, she wishes to be with Joon-ho, finishing her class early to go see him yet holding back at the last minute. It isn’t until Joon-ho sends Hye-jin photos of the notes she wrote to him while in high school that Hye-jin’s walls crumble down entirely.

You see, back then, Joon-ho wasn’t the only one with a crush. Hye-jin used to steal glimpses at Joon-ho, too. Hye-jin’s life was dull and gloomy, having to work day and night to make ends meet. But everything changed for Hye-jin after coming across Joon-ho. He was always the light brightening up her life.

“Could you see all my lies?”

Getting herself drunk, Hye-jin is roped into having Joon-ho drive her home. She can’t deny it anymore. Hugging Joon-ho, Hye-jin admits everything she said was a lie. From then on, love is in the air, with Joon-ho taking the lead and making announcements about how they will spend their first day together. (Hye-jin might be an expert at teaching students, but she is a novice when it comes to dating. Not that I am complaining about it since it balances out the dynamics between our leads.)

Thanks to Chung-mi covering for a hung-over Hye-jin (I guess she knows about them.), Joon-ho and Hye-jin get more time to spend together. Actually, if it were up to Joon-ho, he would stay glued to Hye-jin all day. But as Hye-jin says, they need to keep it a secret before others, as to instructors, scandals and rumors are the scariest things. We end this week with our leads happily dating and Hye-jin taking more steps toward Joon-ho, making excuses to spend more time with him.

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon Episodes 7 and 8 Musings

This week’s episodes were my favorite, so far. Wi Ha-joon is so charming that I feel like I am falling in love with him too. I am glad that arc didn’t drag out and now we have our leads on the same page. But while watching them together makes my heart flutter, I have to admit I am worried about what is yet to come.

Director Kim might be grateful to Hye-jin for not quitting. But he is just biding his time and changing tactics according to the situation. Furthermore, we have Witch Director who might be quiet for now but will get back at Hye-jin for turning down her offer and snatching her students. Too many obstacles are in the way of our leads’ happily ever after. But for now, I want to forget about it all and relish the sweet romance we had this week.

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