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TOMORROW – Ash Talks Kpop

It feels like “Chasing That Feeling” and The Name Chapter: FREEFALL just happened two months ago. I’m still processing it, really. I wanted to have my full review of The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION up before this one. But time got away from me. I wanted to go ahead and get this out while my thoughts on it were still fresh and before my April Best Kpop Comebacks & Debuts article comes out.

Funny because I also wanted to have my minisode1: Blue Hour review up too before this post. I feel like both would have provided more context to why minisode1: Blue Hour is one of my favorite TXT albums and minisode album (so far). Plus, I compared TEMPTATION to FREEFALL a lot in my mind when I wrote that article, I think. And just when I talk about FREEFALL in general.

Now, I love minisode 3: Tomorrow. Long story short. I’ve been listening to it daily since its release. So a week basically. And I feel some similar feelings to FREEFALL. Let’s dissect track by track

“I’ll See You There Tomorrow” as an album opener and its entire existence is everything for me. I’m so close to having an LDN Noise TXT track 🤞🏾🤞🏾. But we do have Joombas/153, and they do work a ton of SM artist songs I love. I thought it felt familiar.

We also have Shift K3Y, which I should have known because my favorite song Shift K3Y has worked on is “Girls Like” by Tinie Tempah and Zara Larsson, which is like the second or third time I’ve brought that song up on this blog, lol. But I have so much love for that song.

So I hear Shift K3Y’s sound in “I’ll See You There Tomorrow” as well as Joombas/153. Danke as well. We’re literally only missing LDN Noise on this track the more I think about it. Anyway I love a good house/dance track. And from all the teasers and trailers they released for minisode 3: Tomorrow, I just wasn’t expecting a song like this on here.

Plus they’ve been performing it on music shows, I won 💁🏾‍♀️. I watched the relay dance version this morning right when I woke up, great way to start the day, btw. And it’s soooo much fun. Idk how you listen to this song, and not get hyped. It’s perfection. It’s my favorite song off the album.

“Morse Code” or “- — — — .-. .-. — .–” I hope I typed that out correctly, lmao. Is such a funny filler track. By the time you realize it’s playing, it’s time for “Deja Vu”. So no, I’m not surprised it charted in Korea. Am I surprised it charted higher than “Chasing That Feeling”? Slightly. I didn’t realize how divisive that song is among MOA. I thought we all agreed it was a chill as song. Not a top tier track, but not flat out garbage.

Speaking of “Deja Vu”, I like it. I’m not sure if I like it more or less than “Chasing That Feeling”. I think if I had to choose one or the other, I’d go “Deja Vu”, but if it’s the Anemoia remix version. If we’re talking original “Deja Vu” vs “Chasing That Feeling”, I’m choosing “Chasing That Feeling”, but not by much. Maybe in like a 49 – 51 split.

The Anemoia remix is easily my favorite remix of any TXT song to date. It feels like that’s the way “Deja Vu” was intended, but they changed it around to make it more public friendly or something. I think I’d rank “Deja Vu” a b-tier title for TXT. Which is still very good.

“Miracle” is the main reason I like the Anemoia remix of “Deja Vu” more. It feels like those are sister songs on the album. Along with “Quarter Life”. Those three feel perfect on this album. It’s “The Killa” and “I’ll See You There Tomorrow” that feel a bit out of place. But I think that’s why “Deja Vu” is on there to bridge the gap between the genre differences going on because it is a mini album. So you don’t get as much room to space things out as if this was a full length album.

Anyway, I really like “Miracle”. It’s not a song I think I’ll reach for as I go back to listening to other music. But when it pops up on shuffle, I won’t skip it either. “The Killa (I Belong to You)” is soooooooo good. I love this song. I love Soobin’s lower register on this track. I’m so happy Dystinkt is back with another bop. I always wondered what a Yeonbin subunit would bring, and it was better than what I could imagine.

And “maknae” line (I’m sorry Soobin, I am NOT including Beomgyu in that, y’all are basically the same age. I said what I said.) in “Quarter Life” is perfect. I love them leaning into rock in title tracks and b-sides. I think it’s safe to say going forward, we’ll have at least one rock song on each TXT album, minimum. The pop tracks are a given.

As always, I love seeing the members have lyric credits on the albums. I think Huening Kai has the most this time around, so suuuper love that for him. It’s still so early into this era, so I don’t have as many clips or memes to include this time. Other than that, I’ve been loving all the Taehyun and other TXT members in crop top tweets.

I’m also sad Reincarnation Academy (don’t worry, there are English subs) is ending. I loved how random that series is and seeing Taehyun in other stuff outside his regular TXT duties.

Any who, I may come back to add some other memes/tweets in the future.

Mentally, I’m still fawning over how amazing the concept trailer is. The acting in this? Where are the Oscars nominations??!!

The visuals and storytelling this era is out of this world, literally. I actually bought and read The Little Prince to prepare. Highly recommend if you’re not familiar with the story to understand TXT’s concept this era (And onwards I guess?).

This along with TEMPTATION is one of the eras where I have to have multiple versions of the physical album because of how much I love the visuals. I don’t care too much for ‘Light’ aka the blonde concept that takes direct visual inspiration from The Little Prince. But the other three versions are a must-have for me.

There isn’t one hair color or concept I don’t like on the members. Again, everything suits them so well. Plus we got long hair, don’t care Beomgyu, so again, I won. They all just look so darn handsome 😭.

So overall, I’m happy with minisode 3: Tomorrow. I’m having fun, and I hope the boys are able to get numerous music show wins this time around. I’m ready for a TXT sweep. I think in the long term, I’ll be casually listening to minisode 3: Tomorrow, like I do with FREEFALL.

I visit FREEFALL still, frequently, especially “Deep Down” and “Dreamer”. Oh! Speaking of “Dreamer”, I love the acoustic version of it in the concept trailer, in case you were wondering. So I think I’ll have a similar attachment to minisode 3: Tomorrow. I’ll listen to my main faves, and then whatever pops up on shuffle. It’s safe to say it’s one of my favorite albums of the year already.

And that’s it! I hope y’all enjoyed this quick review. I’ll be back with another TXT article soon. But in the meantime, let me know your favorite song(s) from minisode 3: Tomorrow in the comments!

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