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4 Workplace Politics Moments In Episodes 5-6 Of “The Midnight Romance In Hagwon”

Until last week, working in an after-school academy, also known as hagwon, seemed like a good alternative to a 9-to-5 office job. However, it turns out that whether it’s an academy or a corporate job, every workplace has its own set of politics. Here are four moments of workplace politics from episodes five and six of “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” that give viewers an insight into what it’s like working in an after-school academy.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 5-6 ahead!

Choi Hyung Sun’s new strategy

As if offering a supplemental class at the same time as Seo Hye Jin (Jung Ryeo Won) and Lee Joon Ho’s (Wi Ha Joon) combined free lecture wasn’t enough, Choi Hyung Sun (Seo Jung Yeon), aka the White-Haired Witch, played another move at the start of episode five to lure students from Chanyoung High School.

In the premiere week’s episodes, one of Hye Jin’s students from Chanyoung High School had her marks deducted wrongfully. The student tried to talk to the teacher about the mistake, but he insisted that she and the other students who wrote the same answer were wrong. Hye Jin talked to the teacher, but instead of admitting his mistake, he agreed to retake the exam with the intention of making the questions more difficult.

In many Asian countries, including Korea, parents are heavily involved in their children’s education. While this involvement provides support, it often leads to micromanaging their entire present and future to fit the parents’ desires. Choi Hyung Sun understands this and invites the parents of Hye Jin’s students, using this incident to paint Hye Jin as an immature teacher. Despite the students loving Hye Jin’s teaching style, the mothers are now convinced to change academies.

Kim Hyun Tak’s attempt to remove Hye Jin

Being the face of a business is often considered advantageous and comes with its benefits. However, it is also a double-edged sword. Once you become a bigger brand than the business itself, you become a threat as you hold the power to end the business. This is exactly what happens with Hye Jin.

Since the beginning of the show, Kim Hyun Tak (Kim Jong Tae) is portrayed as a great boss, cordial with all the staff at the academy. That’s why it was a shock to both the viewers and Hye Jin when he sugarcoats his words after the failed free lecture and tells Hye Jin that she will be transferred to a new branch.

At first glance, the offer seems like a good opportunity to Joon Ho and the viewers. However, Hye Jin explains to Joon Ho in private that Hyun Tak’s plan is to remove her from the academy because she has become more influential than the academy itself.

Choi Hyung Sun’s motives, goals, and desires

Episodes five and six further develop Choi Hyung Sun’s character, revealing her motivations. After realizing that one of their best students, Lee Si Woo (Cha Kang Yoon), attended the free lecture by Hye Jin and Joon Ho and plans to switch academies, she devises a new plan to recruit Hye Jin instead of fighting her. Even though it seems Hye Jin will reject the offer, the entire scene once again proves how Hye Jin and Joon Ho are selfless when it comes to each other.

When Hyung Sun praises Hye Jin’s teaching material obtained from Kang Yoon, Hye Jin corrects her, stating that Joon Ho deserves half the credit as they worked together. Later, Hye Jin tells Joon Ho about this offer, expecting him to worry about students transferring to Choiseon Academy, leaving him with no one to teach. However, his first question is whether Hye Jin is happy about this opportunity, showing that his priority is her happiness, even if it means he will be at a loss.

Foreshadowing consequences of Hye Jin and Joon Ho’s relationship

Romantic relationships between coworkers are always tricky. Despite being adults, dating a coworker is often considered bad practice, as a breakup can ruin the workplace atmosphere. Hyun Tak tells Hye Jin a story about two coworkers who dated at an academy, and how their breakup made the working environment unbearable, leading to the academy’s downfall. His intention is clear: he tries to discourage Hye Jin from dating Joon Ho as he senses their chemistry. However, despite Hye Jin insisting she keeps her work and private life separate, after questioning her feelings and trying to evade Joon Ho’s confession, they finally end up kissing.

Even though viewers were left in shock, as usually the couple in K-dramas do not disclose their romantic feelings until the halftime mark of the show, the earlier confession might suggest that Hye Jin and Joon Ho will be blessing the screen with more romantic scenes as they try to hide their relationship from their coworkers. We’ll just have to wait for next week to find out!

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