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‘BABYMONSTER’s ‘Rival’? BADVILLAIN’s Concept Draws Comparison With YG Group

BPM’s rookie girl group BADVILLAIN is gaining attention for its concept and song. Is BABYMONSTER’s “rival” has been born?

On June 3, Big Planet Made Entertainment (BPM) launched a septet named BADVILLAIN, the sister group of VIVIZ. BADVILLAIN released their first single album, “OVERSTEP,” along with the self-titled lead track and two b-sides, “+82” and “Badtitude.”

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When the MV was released on its official YouTube channel, the team showed unusual popularity, earning 10 million views just 17 hours after its release, becoming the fastest girl group to debut with such views among fifth-generation acts this 2024.

Considering that they come from a small/medium-sized label, This is truly a huge record for the rookie group.

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However, it seemed like the number of views didn’t come from fans who fully support them, but BABYMONSTER fans were also closely looking at the group.

Prior to BADVILLAIN’s debut, they were accused by the YG group’s fandom of copying BAEMON. This is after noticing similarities between the two acts’ outfits, teasers, background and song samples used, logo style and more.

When BPM’s girl group also dropped the MV for their debut song, BABYMONSTER’s fans noticed the resemblance between them, uploading theories and plagiarism claims on TikTok and X.

Amid suspicions, supporters of BADVILLAIN refuted this and mocked BAEMON’s fans for the group’s music quality, especially the song, “Sheesh.” They emphasized that in terms of the tracklist, BPM’s group won, teasing them that this kind of song is what they wished BAEMON would get but didn’t.

BADVILLAIN’s fans also provided more pieces of evidence proving that the team didn’t copy BAEMON.

Meanwhile, BAD VILLAIN is a 7-member group comprising Emma from Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter,” Chloe Young from 1Million dance crew, HU’E and YunSeo, who became known through MBC’s “My Teenage Girl.” “Secret weapons” including INA, Vin and Kelly were also introduced.

They received more attention as MC Mong, a veteran singer and producer is the one who created the group under his name for the first time since his debut in 1998.

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The song, “BADVILLAIN” is an impressive song with addictive hooks and rapping that expresses confidence in the goal without hesitation, and this music video attracts attention by intuitively revealing the members’ identity.

They also hinted at their worldview which is escaping from everything that oppresses their freedom and becoming “villains,” people who broke away from the standards set by the world and established their own world.

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Written by Eunice Dela Cruz

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